Teamfight Tactics Set 11: Theme, Release Date & More Explained

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After the conclusion of the musical TFT Set 10, we will soon have the next one grace our screens.
With any new Set, the game essentially changes and becomes brand new as it will see all units, traits, and origins get swapped out for new ones.

Last year, in 2023, Riot Games announced a very big change to Teamfight Tactics (TFT). It made it clear that there will no longer be mid-Set updates and each Set will run for four months. Riot Games said it was keen on having three new Sets a year. Since TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble went live on 21st November 2023, players are already looking forward to embracing Set 11 very soon in March.

Interestingly, at the end of last year, Riot Games also put out a teaser of what players can expect to see in the coming months. It tweeted, "This year's almost over, but the show goes on! Here's a sneak peek at what we have planned for 2024, including..."

If you are looking to learn more about TFT Set 11, its release date and more details, this guide will explore those topics.

New TFT Set 11: Potential Release Date, Theme & More Details

As you already know, when Riot Games rolls out a new Set, everything from units, traits, to origins will get changed. As a result, the game will get a clean start and players have to learn to play from scratch, making it a level playing field. Players usually take time to experiment with different build paths to figure out the meta of that Set.

TFT Set 11 Release Date & Patch

TFT Set 11 is scheduled to be released alongside LoL Patch 14.6. According to the official patch schedule, this patch will go live on 20th March. Therefore, as usual, players can try their hand at Set 11 on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) two weeks before the official release, that is, on 6th March.

Interestingly, Riot Games, in the end of the year teaser, made it clear that there would be "three full Sets" and more in 2024.

TFT Set 11 Theme

According to the 2024 roadmap teaser shared by Riot Games on Twitter, we know that the TFT Set 11 theme is centered around "an encounter with myths & legends." Another thing to keep in mind is that Riot Games had used Blood Moon Aatrox to depict this theme.

So, players can expect to see something similar to Set 4 which had a mythical aura about it. However, at the time of writing this article, we are not sure what exactly the gameplay or units are going to be.

That's all we know about TFT Set 11 so far and we'll make sure to keep you updated when Riot Games releases more information!

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