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TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Spatula Cheat Sheet

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The glorious Spatula remains one of the most sought-after items in TFT.
Here’s a handy cheat sheet for all Spatula items in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble.

Ever since the launch of Set 10 Remix Rumble in Teamfight Tactics (TFT), a lot of players have been ardently playing the game mode and have been having fun while at it. There are numerous new emblems, traits, and augments to choose from in Set 10 of TFT. However, the glorious spatula still remains one of the most sought-after items in the game.

In this article, we will look at all emblems you can create using Spatula in TFT. Here’s a handy cheat sheet for all Spatula items.

All Emblems Made Using Spatula in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

Spatula is one of the strongest item components in TFT and this has been the case ever since its initial launch. Players, on carousel rounds, always gravitate toward the Spatula since its power is beyond the usual. As a standalone item component, it is useless and it does not give any major stats or upgrades to the champion who is using it.

However, when players combine the Spatula with another item component, it can be used to shape and form amazing team compositions. In Set 10 of TFT, players can make new emblems.

The following is the cheat sheet to make emblems in TFT Set 10:

1. True Damage Emblem:

Holder gains True Damage Emblem and +10% Attack Damage

Recipe: Spatula + B.F. Sword

2. 8-Bit Emblem:

Holder gains +10% Attack Speed

Recipe: Spatula + Recurve Bow

3. Pentakill Emblem:

Gives the holder the Pentakill trait and +20 Armor

Recipe: Spatula + Chain Vest

4. K/DA Emblem:

Gives the holder the K/DA trait and +10 Ability Power

Recipe: Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod

5. Jazz Emblem:

Gives the holder the Jazz trait and +20 Magic Resist

Recipe: Spatula + Negatron Cloak

6. Emo Emblem:

Gives the holder +15 Mana and Emo trait

Recipe: Spatula + Tear

7. Heartsteel Emblem:

Gives the holder the trait and 150 Health

Recipe: Spatula + Giant's Belt

8. Punk Emblem:

Gives the holder +20% Critical Strike chance and the Punk trait.

Recipe: Spatula + Sparring Gloves

Apart from these emblems, players can also make a Tactician’s Crown in TFT Set 10 using two Spatulas. When you make a Tactician’s Crown, you can field an extra unit on your board as your team will gain +1 size.

If you are unaware of what this new set is all about, you should understand that music is the front and center of Remix Rumble.

In this TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble, players are the "DJs" and they can mix and match different genres of music with the many in-game bands of the Runettera universe.

You can read about the units, items and more over here on our handy guide.

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