Sunset Valorant Map Guide: Strats, Best Agents, Callouts & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sunset Valorant Map Guide: Strats, Best Agents, Callouts &amp; More</p></div>
Sunset Valorant Map Guide: Strats, Best Agents, Callouts &amp; More


Sunset is the tenth map to be released in Valorant and it is a traditional map with two sites and three lanes.
Here’s everything you need to know about Sunset Valorant map including callouts, best agents, and more.

Valorant is a popular first-person shooter game that was released on 2nd June 2020. It boasts a variety of agents and maps, continuously bettering the game and expanding its lore. Recently, Riot Games has been revamping some of its older maps and also adding new maps to the game. One of the most recently released maps is called Sunset, an Los Angeles-inspired map. Based in California, Sunset showcases a busy neighborhood called the Boyle Heights. 

Players can also spot many LA landmarks in the background like the city skyline, Hollywood Hills, and the infamous Los Angeles (LA) freeway. This LA-esque map is the tenth in line in the Valorant map series. It is a standard Valorant map boasting to sites - A and B.

This is your ultimate Sunset Valorant map guide with callouts, strats, best agents and more. 

When was Sunset released? 

Sunset is the tenth Valorant Map, released as part of the Episode 7, Act 2 update. Riot Games first started teasing the map around the end of Valorant Champions 2023. After that, many teasers and snippets were released featuring this newest Valorant location.

The Sunset map has already garnered popularity among professional Valorant players since its release on 29th August 2023. The map features a LA-esque life reflected in its stunning visuals featuring shops, cars, and a basketball court. 

Where is Sunset located? 

As previously mentioned, Sunset finds itself in the eastern coastal vibe of California. The map features large corridors that intersect each other, reminding players of Counter-Strike. It features a beautiful, golden hour aesthetic, aptly titled as the Sunset. 

Lore Behind the Map of Sunset 

Valorant lore is massively popular among the players. They love to go beyond the tactical aspect of the game and read between the lines. The lore of the game can be determined from the agent’s voicelines, the teasers and trailers that Riot Games releases and from the maps themselves. 

While Sunset is relatively new, it has already got players wondering about what lies beyond the map. In the outskirts of Boyle Heights, a secret Kingdom facility was established some time ago. Locals of the area began to notice peculiar creatures roaming the area, believed to have escaped from the facility. Now, the entire neighborhood is under threat as a massive sinkhole suddenly appears, likely caused by experiments conducted by the Kingdom.

The setting is Los Angeles, and the release of Sunset seems to align with the introduction of the Gekko. This initiator is a native of LA and possesses abilities that appear to be connected to the secret Kingdom Facility in Boyle Heights. Many also believe that Gekko’s creatures like Dizzy, Thrash, Mosh, and Wingman might be among those that escaped from the Kingdom.

A distinctive feature on Sunset is a mechanized door that links B Market and Mid Courtyard. Players within the market can control the door, closing it with a switch. For players stuck outside, 500 HP of damage is needed to gain entry to the Market. Once destroyed, the doorway remains permanently open for the remainder of the round.

Sunset Valorant Callouts

Sunset Site A Callouts:

  • A Lobby

  • A Main

  • A Link 

  • Alley

  • Green boxes

  • CT

  • A Elbow

Sunset Mid Callouts:

  • Mid Pillar

  • Mid Box

  • Mid Tiles

  • Mid Door

  • Top

  • Tree

  • Courtyard

  • Bottom

Sunset Site B Callouts:

  • B Stairs

  • B Pillar

  • B Top/Platform

  • B Boba

  • B Lobby

  • Market

  • Switch 

Sunset Valorant Best Agents

Sunset is a map with long and intersecting corridors. It boasts a lot of open spaces with a large layout. It is ideal for slow-paced and methodical gameplay with sniper-based long range weapons that can help you aim properly and shoot with precision. The game also has a lot of soft angles that help players clear certain areas easily. There is also an abundance of cover in the form of boxes, standalone structures, and penetrable walls, adding an extra layer of tactical depth. 

The following are the ideal agents for Sunset:

[Keep in mind that this is a subjective list and can vary from individual to individual]




The perfect agent for this map is definitely Raze. Given the vertical mobility exhibited by her, Sunset is the perfect place for a robust performance by Raze.

You can get Raze's boom bot to creatively follow the trail at softer angles and clear out enemies based on the information you receive. If you suspect enemies coming from a certain angle, you can also throw the grenade to scare them off, inflict damage and get some kills. Her ultimate is the cherry on top, helping you weed out enemies due to long corridors and open plant sites.




Jett is another ideal player for the map, given her ability to cause maximum damage with long-range weapons. She is a smoke agent who can climb up on places where no one can. Using an Operator, she can discover new angles to shoot her shot from and kill off enemies.

Her smokes can come in handy in the open planting sites of A and B.




Fade is a fierce agent that can come in handy when players want to gather intel. If used properly, her abilities will help you tip the game in your favor. Throw out the Prowlers and see where they go. You can gather a lot of information by throwing it on the right sides like A link, where enemies are most likely to prevail.

While planting in an open area, you can use the Haunt ability and use the help of your teammates to taken down enemies. This can definitely destroy your enemies if the teammates take action on time.




While the angles are soft in the game, there are still a lot of them and you can cannot cover each of them at once. So, what you can use is the Killjoy gear and align it with the compact Sunset layout. She is extremely helpful when it comes to open spaces since you can use her ultimate to seize enemies or use the turret to scare them off while you plant or defuse.

The grenades that Killjoy boasts can be used post-plant, and with the collaboration of your teammates, you can easily capture the enemies.




Brimstone, without doubt, is one of the most underrated agents in the game. He has all the abilities that you need in order to cover the important angles including smokes.

Not only this, Brim can also use his ultimate, Orbital Strike, and combine it with Fade's intellect to spot enemies and then use it to kill them off. This is ideally advised to be used in post-plant situations.

Is there a Sunset card in Valorant?

Riot Games, while celebrating the Pride month in 2021, introduced seven Pride-themed player cards. One among them was the Sunset card with pink and blue hues on it.

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