Haven Valorant Map Guide: Strats, Best Agents, Callouts & More

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Haven Valorant Map Guide: Strats, Best Agents, Callouts &amp; More


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Haven map in Valorant was one of the first maps that was available in the game since the closed beta days.
Here’s everything you need to know about Haven Valorant map including callouts, best agents, and more.

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game that was released on 2nd June 2020. There have been a lot of changes made to the game since then, including its maps. Haven is one of the first maps that was introduced in the game and is now completely different from what it used to be. 

The map is a complicated battlefield with 3 sites - A, B and C. However, it also boasts long corridors and short angles, which can be effective if players know the right tactics. And you are just in the right place for that. This is your comprehensive Haven Valorant map guide with callouts, strats, best agents and more. 

When was Haven released? 

This is one of the first maps that have been around since the release of the closed beta version of the game. The map was released alongside Split and Bind. The game was officially released on 2nd June 2020, and the map was released along with it. It is almost three years old, and has undergone a variety of changes. 

It has seen addition of various crates to make the clearance of angles easier. It also added other objects around the map, while making the stack of crates on site C impenetrable to provide a better defense for the spike.

Where is Haven located? 

The map consists of ancient architecture, surrounded with greenery on all sides. It features an old-style build, similar to that of monasteries. The map is based in the mountainous highs of South-East Asia, in Thimphu, Bhutan. The game describes the map, “Beneath a forgotten monastery, a clamour emerges from rival Agents clashing to control three sites. There’s more territory to control, but defenders can use the extra real estate for aggressive pushes.

Lore Behind the Map of Haven

Valorant lore is one of the most beloved parts of the game. Fans love to speculate on the philosophy behind each agent’s actions and voice lines. These voice lines also occur in the beginning of a match, uttered by several agents, giving us an insight into their personalities as well as the location. 

While there is not much information about Haven’s lore when compared to other maps, there does seem to be an air of sadness and aftermath that lingers in the map. The defending spawn is dull and lifeless, the consequence of a failed experiment. Radianite is a crucial element of each lore in the game, and this also seems to be the case here. 

There are multiple stacks of radianite-loaded crates throughout the game, which confirms the presence of this deadly substance. It also seems like something happened in this place in the past. This is suggested by Raze’s voiceline in the beginning of the match when she says, "This poor place, you used to be so beautiful. Don't worry, I'll send you off with a bang.

Haven Valorant Callouts

Haven Site A Callouts:

  • Sewer Path

  • A-Main

  • Flower Pot

  • Heaven

  • Hell

  • A-Box

  • Default

  • Cubby

  • CT

Haven A site


Haven Site B Callouts:

  • Box

  • Tower

  • Generator

  • Default

  • Back site

  • C-Link

  • A-Link

Haven B site


Haven Site C Callouts:

  • Back Site

  • Default

  • Connector

  • Long

  • Front Pillar

  • Ninja

  • Platform

  • Back Platform

  • Back Pillar

  • CT

  • Logs

Haven C site


Haven Valorant Best Agents

Haven is a map with short angles and long corridors. It is ideal for sniper-based gameplay that can help you aim properly and shoot with precision. You can also make use of the short angles by using blinding flashes, which will help you enter an area immediately, rendering your opponents vulnerable for a short period of time. 

Placing sentinel traps in entrances is another way in which you can trap your enemies while they are entering a site. The following are some agents that can help you dominate the game in Haven:

1. Killjoy - This is an obvious pick given her vast kit of damage-inflicting tools, despite the heavy nerfs she's received recently. Her bots and grenades can help you a lot in a map like Haven, which has three sites. There are a ton of post-plant setups that you can plan to defend your spike. On the defending side, you can also use Killjoy in combination with other agents to prevent the attackers from attacking you. Having a sentinel like Killjoy on the team can help you set up a lot of fatal traps for your enemies. 



2. Jett - If you are going to have a duelist on your team, there is no better option than Jett. Her airy qualities can take you places if used correctly. Combine her dash ability with an operator, and you have a winning champion in the game! Whether you are standing in B-window or C-long, Jett can help your team get those kills with the right skills. 



3. Sova - Sova is another interesting agent that you can use to gauge the position of your enemies. His ultimate, the Hunter’s Fury, can help you inflict damage throughout the three sites of the map if you are able to determine the position of your enemies. His Recon Bolt can also be used post-plant to kill opponents if you position them rightly. 



4. Fade - A relatively new agent, Fade is a mysterious and Reyna-esque agent flaunting her gothic look. Her abilities can help you gauge the position of your enemies on all three sites, if used accurately. Her abilities can provide you with valuable intel using her Haunt ability. 



5. Sage - This is a versatile agent that can be used on any map, given her healing abilities and slow orbs. While it may not be easy for her to hold all three sides at once, she can easily handle one site on her own. If her orbs are used correctly, she can easily hold off enemies in enough time for the team to come for backup. 



This is all you need to know about Haven Valorant. For the longest time, it was the only map with three sites, but now players also have Lotus, which is situated in the Western Ghats region of India. If you are a Sentinel agent player, looking to stack your ultimate points, you should know that Haven's two ultimate orbs are present in A Long and C Long (Dragon).

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