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SMP In Minecraft: What Is It And How To Join An SMP Server?

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SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer.
SMP is a variation on Survival mode in Minecraft.
There are different types of SMP servers on Minecraft like Vanilla, Peaceful, Modded and Anarchy.

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer and it is one of the new ways players in Minecraft are enjoying the game. There are different types of SMP servers players can join depending on how they want to play such as Anarchy, Peaceful and Modded. YouTuber Dream’s SMP server has gained popularity over the past year as a scripted version of SMP Minecraft. For some players SMP can just be a community server where they get together with friends and play. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of SMP servers and how to join one.

What Makes A Minecraft Server SMP?

There are many ways to enjoy Minecraft like speedrunning the story mode, building impressive structures in creative mode or playing Minecraft battle royale with friends. Players are still discovering new ways to play a game that has been around for 10 years. Survival multiplayer or SMP in Minecraft is the basic Minecraft experience but with established rules and a lore (storyline).

Types Of SMP Servers In Minecraft

Base Minecraft has three modes, namely Survival, Creative, and Hardcore mode. SMP is a variation on Survival mode in the game. There are different types of SMP servers on Minecraft such as Vanilla, Peaceful, Anarchy, etc. While every server has their own set of specific rules, players can get a general idea about the server depending on the type of server they join. SMP Minecraft servers can be classified based on how much they are modded and the PvP dynamics.


Vanilla SMP servers are for players who want the original, unchanged Minecraft experience, but with friends. Vanilla servers are unmodded, and include all the base game features.

Vanilla Minecraft features the core gameplay experience. 


Semi-Vanilla SMP servers have some quality of life changes to stop Minecraft from feeling like too much of a grind. These servers include plugins that add to the base gameplay without adding too many changes. They may include voting, anti-grief, chat and command plugins. However, generally Semi-Vanilla servers do not have economy, multi-world, or minigame plugins.


There are several kinds of modded servers to choose from, these include various plugins, additional functions, items, and a variety of custom content and game dynamics. Modded servers are where the imagination goes wild as players can do everything from reenact the hunger games to participating in an in-game economy. Another type of popular modded server type is Skyblock, which challenges players to live on floating islands, survive with fewer resources and reach the end dimension. Modded server types may require the player to install specific mods or mod packs onto your computer.

Modded servers provide an opportunity for players to tell all kinds of stories.

Looking at the PvP (player versus player) side of things, SMP servers can be classified as follows:


Peaceful SMP servers in Minecraft have PvP disabled. Players on these servers do not attack other players and focus more on building and the community aspects of the game. Peaceful servers offer a chill environment for beginner players to explore and enjoy the game’s PvE aspects without fear of griefing from other players. You need to make sure not to damage others’ buildings, structures, steal items or set traps for other players on these types of servers. Doing so can result in a temporary or permanent ban.


Faction based servers give you the ability to form guilds/clan/factions with friends and other players. You will have to protect your faction’s land, loot and other property from enemies. Some servers also split up the factions into sides such as good/evil and light/dark.


Anarchy servers, as their name suggests, generally mean no rules or very few rules are in place. Players can do anything they like on these servers and the world can quickly turn into a ruthless, competitive experience. Anarchy servers aren’t for everyone. Players may experience griefing or toxicity on these SMP servers in Minecraft.

How can you join an SMP server in Minecraft?

Joining an SMP server in Minecraft isn’t very different from joining any other server.

Step 1: Players will need to find a server, which they can do on websites like minecraftservers.org or minecraft-server-list.com.

Step 2: Type in the IP address of the SMP server into Minecraft and join it.

When you first join a server, make sure you read the rules and follow them. There are also invite or review-based SMP servers that focus on role-playing. These SMP servers usually have their own websites where you will need to apply to join them. These may require you to create a character and a backstory before you join.

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