CS:GO Fan Recreates Inferno Map Replica in Minecraft

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A user recreates the CS:GO Map of Inferno in Minecraft.
  • The CS:GO community was all praise for the well made replica of the map.

Creativity has no boundary and limitations, stands true for this fantastic Minecraft player who is also a CS:GO fan. Sharing her recent work with the CS:GO community has won her a lot of praise as ‘u/TiniBat1’ recreated a perfect model of FURIA’s favorite map Inferno. The pretty makeover of the map somehow made it look a little less punishing and something straight out of an indie game.

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CS:GO Map Inferno Recreated In Minecraft

There have been a lot of incredible things created in Minecraft like ‘The Uncensored Library’, the fictional kingdom of ‘King’s Landing’, a working computer, and countless other famous structures, but the one that the CS:GO community currently seems to be drooling over is the pretty remake of Inferno.

A fan of CS:GO and certainly a very talented Minecraft artist ‘u/TiniBat1’ in order to impress one of her kids set out on a mission to recreate Inferno’s ‘A-Site’ complete with ‘Pit’, ‘Library’, and ‘Balcony’.

CS:GO Fan Recreates Inferno Map Replica in Minecraft

The end result was a stunning recreation of the CS:GO map where a countless number of CT’s have managed to defend the site successfully, while even more have run towards the other site to save after having fallen for the bait. It might not be a 1:1 exactly perfect replica but taking just one look is enough for anyone to know what lies in front of them. The colours are very vibrant and give it a very historic kind of a feel, somehow enhancing the original even more.

CS:GO Fan Recreates Inferno Map Replica in Minecraft

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If there is one thing that I would like to pick out, it would have to be the ‘Balcony’ door which instead of being open has been placed in a closed position. God knows how the T’s are ever going to retake the site from that position!

This is not the first time that ‘u/TiniBat1’ has designed something in Minecraft as she has designed several things in the game previously. But this could very well be the first time that she has created anything related to CS:GO, maybe we will get to see a complete version of Inferno sometime in the future as well.

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