Seer vs Bloodhound: Who is the better recon legend?


Seer vs Bloodhound: Who is the Better Recon Legend?

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Bloodhound and Seer are both popular recon legend picks in the game.
We look at their abilities, fighting styles and who is the better legend.

After mobility-based legends, recon characters are perhaps the most popular character type in Apex Legends. Their ability to sniff out and scan beacons to find out the next ring location make them an integral part of both casual squads and pro play. Recon characters like Bloodhound are also beginner friendly and help players get used to the visual clutter in the game. More recently, Valkyrie has seen a huge spike in pick rate due to her ultimate’s utility in pro play, despite her nerfs in Season 14. Since Seer’s release in Season 10 of Apex Legends, he has often drawn comparisons with veteran legend Bloodhound. We look at Seer vs Bloodhound and see who is the better recon legend in the current meta.

Comparing Seer vs Bloodhound: Abilities, Playstyle

 Seer vs Bloodhound: A comparison of abilities.

Bloodhound can generally take up more aggressive plays thanks to their ultimate ability. You not only move faster when the ultimate is active but can also extend the duration upon getting a kill. You can also track enemies really well thanks to their passive but the downside is that enemies do get a notification when you use your tactical ability. The scan also automatically conveys the enemies’ position to your teammates. It is also easy to snowball into multiple kills due to the ultimate duration extension.

Seer has a slightly less aggressive playstyle, reserved more for clearing areas with a lot of cover. His passive Heart Seeker lets you search for enemies within 75 meters without giving away your location. However, relaying the information to your squad takes a bit longer than with Bloodhound. Where Seer’s ultimate shines is the ability to weed out any enemies hiding under any cover in a 65 meter radius. While Bloodhound’s ultimate requires a direct line of sight, Seer highlights all enemies within the radius and tracks their footsteps for the duration.

Bloodhound’s tactical ability is more forgiving and simply requires you to be facing the enemy within 75 meters. Seer’s tactical needs more precise aim but the payoff is better since Focus of Attention interrupts channeled actions like healing, reviving and disables abilities like Gibraltar’s Dome. Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon "aceu" Winn had initially called Seer “pointless”. He eventually changed his mind stating that the Ambush Artist adds more value to any squad he’s a part of. Seer has been a bit of a sleeper hit in the Apex community. Despite being out since Season 10, his pick rate in earlier seasons was quite low. However, due to several pros realising his true potential, his pick rate has since skyrocketed. In the new season 14 meta, he is part of a popular Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon legend combination.

Aceu still recognizes Bloodhound’s importance to team comps where players want to take fights more frequently and are looking to “kill everybody”.

Seer vs Bloodhound: Who is the better legend?

Seer vs Bloodhound: Who comes out on top?

Bloodhound takes the lead when it comes to taking aggressive plays and snowballing kills. Their ultimate also gives them more mobility compared to Seer, which in a game like Apex definitely gives players an edge.

For new players, the learning curve for Bloodhound isn’t as steep. They are easier to pick up and are readily available when you start the game. Seer’s tactical ability requires timing and precision. He is also not as intuitive to use as Bloodhound.

When it comes to utility and team-based gameplay, Seer performs better than Bloodhound with almost his entire kit. His passive lends to a more passive, sneaky style of play, letting you surprise enemies without attention-grabbing prompts like that with Bloodhound scans. Seer’s ability to stop heals, revives and other abilities gives him a major one up over Bloodhound.

Bloodhound edges out Seer when it comes to more casual play and lower ranks with their overall kit, but for ranked games Seer’s kit gives him the competitive edge, especially if you’re playing with a pre-made squad. That being said, each player needs to experiment and find out what works best for their unique playstyle.

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