Scanning Game error in League of Legends


Scanning Game Error in League of Legends: What Is It? How To Fix?

League of Legends scanning files forever!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games releases a new patch for League of Legends every two weeks.
Sometimes, these new content can cause glitches or bugs, which can make the client act out.
Scanning files in LoL is a common error that many players encounter. Here's how you can potentially fix it.

League of Legends, just like any other online game, has its own share of bugs and errors that can cause disruptions. The playerbase and the community often make fun of Riot Games' "spaghetti code" to point out how the game has many bugs. While the publisher strives to fix these as soon as they rear their head in-game, sometimes, the players end up paying the price.

League of Legends players can suffer from the dreaded forever scanning files bug that prevents them from playing the game. This happens when a player's internet connection is too slow or it could also be a server-side problem.

Whatever it may be, you are not the only one facing this issue. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Scanning Game Error in League of Legends.

What Is the Scanning Game Error?

The “Scanning Game, Files Scanned: 0” error in League of Legends usually occurs after the release of a new patch in the game. This error also causes players to download new League patches at extremely slow speeds. It could be possible that the error is tied to Riot Games' League of Legends servers but it usually appeared only after the release of new patches, when players try to install them shortly after they are rolled out.

While most players are able to download the new content through the patch without any hassle, some of them encounter a timer where it shows that game files are being scanned. However, in most cases, the progress is close to nil.

How To Fix the Scanning Game Error in League of Legends?

The best method to fix the Scanning Game error in League of Legends is to restart your League client. Side by side, it is also recommended that you restart your router to ensure that your internet connection is stable. Make sure that you are on a wired setup and that you are not on WiFi. Additionally, ensure that all League of Legends-related tasks and tabs are ended by accessing the Task Manager.

Alternatively, you can try using the Hextech Repair tool. The Hextech Repair Tool is a handy software developed by Riot Games that can help players troubleshoot League of Legends-related issues. The tool is almost entirely automated and hence there’s no need for players to worry about complex configurations.

Once installed, players just need to run the software and it will handle everything. There are no special requirements to run the HRT. However, one has to have League of Legends installed. Players also need to have a stable internet connection and once installed, players need to grant the tool full administrator rights.

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