The Sales Night quest by Ragman will put your raid knowledge and experience to the test on Interchange


Sales Night Quest in Escape From Tarkov Explained

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The Sales Night quest by Ragman will put your raid knowledge and experience to the test.
Here’s everything you need to know about this quest in Escape from Tarkov.

The Sales Night quest in Escape from Tarkov is a completion-type task given by trader Arshavir Sarkisovich Abramyan, also known by his alias "Ragman." This quest is required for Kappa container in the game and takes place on Interchange, the fifth location that was added to Escape from Tarkov. This particular Ragman quest will put your raid knowledge and experience to the test and is a relatively intense extraction quest. The only prerequisite for the Sales Night Quest is that you need to be at least level 30 to start it. 

Players will need to have finished the Gratitude task to take this one up and finishing the Sales Night Quest will lead to the quests of Supervisor and The Huntsman Path - Sellout.

Here’s all you need to know about the Sales Night quest.

Sales Night Quest Guide

For this quest, you need to survive and extract from Interchange seven times. Note that a raid does not count toward this quest if:

  • You die on Interchange

  • You are MIA [missing in action]

  • It has a run-through status. 

To avoid the discounting of your raids, players need to gain at least 200 EXP in a raid or be in a raid for at least seven minutes before extracting. One of the easiest methods to get 200 EXP is by looting the caches or by killing a Scav.

When you take up this quest, Ragman will say, “You scared off some Scavs at Ultra once, remember, brother? Now people say it’s getting worse. Word is it’s crawling with all sorts of scum. Got a task for you: check out the situation on Interchange, make sure it's clear to walk around at least. Find safe paths or something. I really need it to go smoothly, okay?

The extracts that are always available on Interchange are as follows:

  • Emercom Checkpoint

  • Hole in the Fence (PMC)

  • Railway Exfil

  • Saferoom Exfil (PMC)

  • Scav Camp (Co-Op)

Once you finish this quest successfully, Ragman will reward you. Ragman says, “You're like some Invisible Man or a ghost or something. Hold on, lemme grab a map. So, the safest roads are here and here, right? Awesome, I'll let my guys know. Thank you, friend, really helped me out here.

The rewards for finishing the Sales Night quest are as follows:

  • +17,500 EXP

  • Ragman Rep +0.03

  • 35,000 Roubles

  • 36,750 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1

  • 40,250 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

  • 2× SSO Attack 2 raid backpack

  • Unlocks purchase of HighCom Striker ULACH IIIA helmet (variant Desert Tan) at Ragman LL4

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