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Rocket League Fan Rewards: How to Get Them with Twitch Drops

Nutan Lele
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Fans can earn cosmetics by watching Rocket League streams on Twitch.
Viewers will usually earn one Fan Reward after watching for an hour.
Players will need to sign up for Rocket League fan rewards and enable it.

Rocket League fans can earn various cosmetic rewards through Twitch drops. Fan Rewards are limited items that players can get by watching select Rocket League streams on Twitch. These rewards drop at specific times during streams. You will usually earn one Fan Reward after watching for an hour, so it is possible to earn multiple drops per day. Follow the official Rocket League Esports Twitter handle to find out which streams have fan rewards enabled. Players will need to sign up for Rocket League fan rewards and enable it to start earning them.

How to Enable Rocket League Fan Rewards for Twitch Drops

Rocket League fans can sign up for Fan Rewards through the following steps:

  1. Visit rewards.rocketleague.com

  2. Click the Log in with Twitch button to authorize your Twitch account.

    Note: This might redirect you to twitch.com for you to sign in with your Twitch account.

  3. Once logged in with Twitch, go back to rewards.rocketleague.com

  4. Select your platform of choice - Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam

  5. Log in to the respective account.

Upon linking your account successfully, you will see the following screen:

Rocket League Fan Rewards account linking screen.

Note that if you add more than one platform account, only your primary account will receive rewards for watching Twitch streams. Upon linking your account successfully go back to the Fan Rewards page and click the profile icon to manage your account.

Players can manage their accounts by clicking the player icon highlighted with a red arrow.

Current Rocket League Fan Rewards

Currently, players can earn the following Fan Reward cosmetics:


Decal - Stratum Badge Dominus

Decal - RLCS Octane

Decal - Yorebands Fennec

Decal - RLCS Dominus

Decal - RLCS X Dominus

Decal - RLCS X Fennec

Decal - RLCS X Octane

Goal Explosions

Goal Explosion - Big Splash

Goal Explosion - Ballistic


Wheels - Emerald

Wheels - Wrathogen

Wheels - Hephaestus

Wheels - Carbon

Wheels - Decopunk

Wheels - Petacio

Player Banners

Player Banner - Fallen Angel

Player Banner - RLCS X

Player Banner - Statesman

Player Banner - RL Esports

Player Titles

Player Title - Hardstuck

Player Title - Airhead


Boost - Anispray

Avatar Border

Avatar Border - Crown

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