The Neverghaast 2023 capsule that shows up in the loot in League of Legends is part of a skin Showcase.


Neverghaast 2023 Capsule: League of Legends Showcase Capsules Explained

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The Neverghaast 2023 capsule that shows up in the loot in League of Legends is part of a skin Showcase.
The Showcase is celebrating the release of the Broken Covenant skins.
Here’s everything you need to know about the Neverghaast 2023 capsule.

If you logged into your League of Legends account, you will find a new capsule in the ‘Loot’ tab. When you hover over the capsule, you will see that it is called the ‘Neverghaast 2023’ capsule and that you actually do not own it. So the question that arises is why does the capsule show up on your loot if you did not actually buy it and Riot Games did not give them away? It is simply because the Neverghaast 2023 is a Showcase capsule in League of Legends.

Here’s all you need to know about the Neverghaast 2023 capsule and Showcase capsules.

What is the Neverghaast 2023 capsule?

When you hover over the Neverghaast 2023 capsule in the loot, the capsule description reads, “Open to reveal three random skin shards with a chance to obtain an Aspirant 2023 Grab Bag.” Now, when you click on it, you will see a new page opening up and here, you will see a loot milestone.

Neverghaast 2023 capsule

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The Neverghaast 2023 capsule is part of a Showcase. Essentially, a League of Legends Showcase is an in-game promotion with a single theme for new champion skins and accessories. Showcase capsules, like the Neverghaast 2023 capsule, are exclusive loot capsules that are available for purchase for 750 RP during these showcases. Each capsule will contain three random skin shards and each has a chance to contain a Grab Bag with additional skin shards.

So while the Neverghaast capsule actually shows up in the loot, players will have to actually buy it from the store to open them. The more capsules you open, the more rewards you get as you progress through the Loot Milestone. This Showcase is scheduled to end on 31st March 2023 and players can buy as many capsules as they want till then, after which they will be gone from the store.

Do Showcases have missions?

Currently, when you look up Showcases on the official League of Legends support page, Riot Games explicitly states, “Before we go into the details, just a quick note that not all Showcases have missions! If that's the case, your only objective is to grace the Rift with your stylish new look.

So, as a result, this Neverghaast Showcase for the Broken Covenant skins does not have missions. However, YouTuber Matty Love Gaming claimed in one their videos that Riot Games canceled its free missions for Showcases. In the video titled “Riot CANCELLED the free rewards,” the YouTuber alleged that the old version of the Showcase explainer on the Riot Games website was different.

According to Matty, the old version allegedly did not include the phrase “not all Showcases have missions” and that players will have to sit tight until the company releases new free missions in the next few weeks.

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