Luxurious Life Quest in Escape from Tarkov Explained

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Luxurious Life Quest in Escape from Tarkov


Battlestate Games pushed the latest Escape from Tarkov update and wipe on 27th December 2023.
The Luxurious Life quest takes place in the new map of Ground Zero and is given by Prapor.
Here's all you need to know about this quest, its pre-requisites and other details.

Battlestate Games rolled out the latest Escape From Tarkov wipe on 27th December. It coincided with the release of the 0.14 patch, which brought forth a new map called Ground Zero, new boss Kollontay, and multiple changes to the recoil system of the game.

Players are grinding their way through all the quests in the game to make progress once more. If you are new to Tarkov, you should know that quests are intended to be a large part of Escape from Tarkov. When a wipe gives players a clean slate, they need to grind to collect items, therefore letting players take up multiple quests.

The Luxurious Life quest in Escape From Tarkov, given by trader Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko also known by his alias "Prapor," was introduced in the latest wipe and it happens on the new Ground Zero map.

Here's all you need to know about this quest, its pre-requisites and other details.

Luxurious Life Quest Guide in Tarkov

This quest takes place on Ground Zero, the tenth map that was added to the game. Players should note that it is not yet known whether finishing this quest is a requirement for the Collector quest and the Kappa Secure Container in Tarkov. 

To unlock the Luxurious Life quest, players need to complete Prapor's Debut quest first. In Luxurious Life, Prapor will assign players with the task of finding a wine bottle from a liquor store located in the middle of the Ground Zero map.

The quest objectives are as follows:

  • Locate the liquor store on Ground Zero

  • Locate and obtain the wine bottle in the store

  • Hand over the wine bottle

How to Complete the Luxurious Life Quest by Prapor

As mentioned earlier, in this quest, players have to find a wine bottle in the liquor store on Ground Zero. The store in question is called "ASAP winery" and you will locate it right across the street from the TerraGroup building complex. Keep in mind that there are multiple spawns for the wine bottle throughout the store.

The item name is called "Bottle of Le Jean wine" and this can only be found if the Luxurious Life Quest is active. Once you pick it up, it will get transferred to your quest item inventory. However, if you fail to extract with this wine bottle, you will lose it.

The spawns are as follows:

  • First spawn: Shelf right side of the big bar counter.

  • Second spawn: Shelf behind the big bar counter.

  • Third spawn: Corner shelf left side of the big bar counter.

  • Subsequent spawns: In the storage room behind the big bar counter.

Rewards for Completing Luxurious Life Quest

  • +1,750 EXP

  • Prapor Rep +0.01

  • 14,000 Roubles

  • 14,700 Roubles with Intelligence center Level 1

  • 16,100 Roubles with Intelligence center Level 2

  • 1× Molot VPO-136 "Vepr-KM" 7.62x39 carbine

  • 5× 7.62x39mm FMJ ammo pack (20 pcs)

  • 3× AK 7.62x39 30-round magazine (issued '55 or later)

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