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Escape from Tarkov New Location: All Ground Zero Extracts

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Ground Zero is notably the tenth location added to Escape from Tarkov.
Around 10-12 player can be found on this new location, which happens to be the business center of Tarkov.
Here are all the extraction points featured in Ground Zero

The latest Escape from Tarkov wipe is here as part of patch on 27th December. Battlestate Games released a new location along with this wipe for players to enjoy and it is none other than Ground Zero. This is notably the tenth location to be added to Tarkov and it features many infrastructure facilities that can be seen in any modern city including banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and other.

Describing Ground Zero, Battlestate Games said, "All this is towered by the skyscrapers of Tarkov. In the very center of the location is the main Russian branch office of TerraGroup, where the original conflict began. The most violent clashes between USEC PMC operatives and OMON took place on the facility's premises."

This new addition is meant only for beginners and it seemingly has five extraction points. This is your ultimate extraction or exit location guide to Ground Zero in Escape from Tarkov.

All You Need To Know About Ground Zero

For a long time now, players have been waiting for a new map to be added to Escape from Tarkov. Ground Zero is all set to go hand in hand with the last year addition, Streets of Tarkov.

Here are some of the highlights about Ground Zero:

  • This new location, according to the publisher, is solely intended for beginner players from level 1 to 20.

  • PMCs of higher levels (20+) cannot access the location.

  • However, Scavs can access the location regardless of their player level.

  • Battlestate Games has added new starter quests to the location;

  • It has also added visual cues for new players on Ground Zero.

Additionally, Battlestate Games said, "Quests 'Debut', 'Checking' (renamed to Background Check), 'Shortage', 'Supplier', 'Gunsmith - Part 1' received updated text descriptions."

All Extracts on Ground Zero

Escape from Tarkov currently has three game types: Scav (Scavenger) raids, online PMC raids, and a temporary offline mode. When you hop into the game, you can choose to play solo or in groups in these raids, and you will spawn randomly on any one side of the game’s many different maps. You will need to battle other players and non-player characters to get to an extraction point on the other side of the map in order to flee the place.

Here are all the exfil locations or extract points on Ground Zero:

All Faction Extract Points

  • Nakatani Basement Stairs: This extract point is always available and can be found in the basement of the Nakatani building.

  • Emercom Checkpoint

  • Scav Checkpoint (Co-op): Both Scavs and PMCs can use this always available extract point.

extract points on Ground Zero

PMC Extract Points on Ground Zero

  • Police Cordon V-Ex: This is an always available but single use extraction spot on Ground Zero. Maximum of four players can exit and they need to pay 5000 Roubles per player.

  • Mira Ave: Players need to shoot a green flare into the sky while inside the signal flare area. Keep in mind that if the flare does not reach a certain height, the extraction won't open. Additionally, just one player in a lobby-made group needs to shoot the flare to open the extraction for all members. You will know that you are in the 'Signal Flare Area' as you will see a pop-up on your screen on the bottom right.

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