LoL Patch 13.16 Preview: Duskblade Nerfs, Buffs for Other Assassin Items

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>LoL Patch 13.16 buffs and nerfs</p></div>
LoL Patch 13.16 buffs and nerfs


Riot Games has revealed the Patch Preview for 13.16 now that we are nearing the closure of the big 2023 Summer Event.
Here are the initial changes that will soon hit the League of Legends PBE.

LoL Patch 13.15 was rolled out on 2nd August and as part of the 2023 Summer Event called Soul Fighter, the patch brought forth the remainder of the Soul Fighter skins alongside minor balance changes to both League of Legends and the Arena mode.

Early on 8th August, Riot Games revealed the preview of LoL Patch 13.16 and this patch contains a lot of changes aimed at Assassin class items. Additionally, there are also a total of 15 champions who are getting either nerfed or buffed.

Here's everything we know about LoL Patch 13.16 from the early preview.

LoL Patch 13.16 Preview: Caitlyn buffed, Duskblade nerfed

Lead Designer: League Balance Team & Preseason Matt Leung-Harrison aka Riot Phroxzon wrote, "13.16! Duskblade is a hot topic as it's picking up on non-assassins like Illaoi, Aatrox, Yorick, etc. We're bringing down its power and bringing up some of the weaker items in the assassin system. Caitlyn buffs weren't enough and we're buffing up some of the champs we overnerfed."

A total of 15 champions are getting balance changes in this patch. Notably, the Arena mode will also come to a closure with the current patch, meaning that when LoL Patch 13.16, the mode will be taken out of the client.

Patch 13.16: Champion Buffs and Nerfs Listed

The champions listed for buffs in this upcoming patch are as follows:

  • Milio

  • Lucian

  • Lulu

  • Karma

  • Caitlyn

  • Wukong

  • Brand

  • Akali

  • Ekko

  • Sylas

Notably, in the previous patch of 13.15 Caitlyn was buffed. However, Riot felt that they were not enough to help her in the meta.

The nerfs in LoL Patch 13.16 are as follows:

  • Rek'Sai

  • Shaco support build

  • Naafiri

  • Shyvana

  • Tristana

System Buffs and Nerfs in LoL Patch 13.16

As mentioned earlier, Riot Games is taking a closer look at Assassin Class items. While it will be significantly nerfing Duskblade of Draktharr, it is buffing other assassin items.

The system buffs are aimed at:

  • Axiom Arc

  • Serpent's Fang

  • Prowler's Claw

  • Umbral Glaive

Notably, there are no system adjustments in this patch, noted Riot Games.

Notably, LoL Patch 13.16 will be rolled out on 16th August and these above-mentioned balance changes are currently being tested on the public beta environment (PBE).

Here are the key timings of the patch roll out for all regions:

  • Oceania: 10 am AEST

  • North America: 3 am PT

  • Europe West: 5 am GMT 

  • Europe Nordic and East: 3 am CET

  • South Korea: 8 am KR 

The game will also be down for a while for maintenance before the patching begins.

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