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When Does Arena Mode End? Riot Games Locks in Arena Closure

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends has been bustling with activity thanks to the introduction of the new Arena mode.
The 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode was introduced on 20th July with the Soul Fighter 2023 Summer event.
Here's all we know about the end date of Arena mode in League of Legends.

Riot Games drew inspiration from Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and borrowed some of its features and combined it with the classic elements of League of Legends to create a brand new limited time mode (LTM) called the Arena mode or the 2v2v2v2 mode. It was released on 20th July along with the big 2023 Summer Event: Soul Fighter. Arena mode is where four teams of two players each fight one another in rotating combat rounds. Since the event went live on the servers, players have been religiously playing and spamming this game mode.

Riot Games made it clear that this would be a limited-time mode for the Summer and decisions regarding the mode's permanency would be made later. Here's all we know about the end date of Arena mode in League of Legends.

When will League Arena mode end?

Riot Games rolled out League of Legends Arena mode with LoL Patch 13.14 on 20th July. Along with the closure of the Summer Event, Arena mode will end on Monday, 28th August, at at 11:59pm PST (29th August, 1:59am CT)

Lead Gameplay Designer Bryan “Riot Axes” Salvatore recently addressed the future of Arena mode. Riot Axes said Riot’s current goal is to make a great summer event mode and that there is a really good chance that the company aims to bring back a significantly-upgraded version of the mode in the long term. 

“There's a world where this version of the mode is so successful that we never turn it off and immediately staff up live support for it, but I want to temper expectations that would take a really huge player response that sustains over time,” he noted.

While Riot Games made it clear that it would love for Arena mode to be permanent, it will likely aim to release an upgraded version soon. If the player response is strong enough for its return, it would change its plans accordingly, noted the devs. Although, there is no timeline for this move as of now. It will also be adding other features to the game mode including Mastery and other progression systems like Eternals and Challengers. But players should note that Arena mode does not currently support Eternals, Challenges or Masteries.

The consensus among the players is that Arena Mode should be made permanent given that it is quick, and entertaining and throws players right into battle without having to scale through.

Arena Mode: Most Banned Champions

There is only less than three weeks for the mode to go away from the live servers so queue up with your duo partner and climb through the dedicated ranked ladder for Arena.

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