Here is how you can use the Loba's Apex Legends Black Market Exploit to locate all items in the ultimate area.


Loba's Apex Legends Black Market Exploit: How To Locate Every Piece Of Loot

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Loba's ultimate in Apex Legends only lets players pick up two pieces of loot.
However, you can use the ultimate to ping and locate other loot in the area.

Loba was first introduced to Apex Legends way back in Season 5. Her ultimate, the Black Market Boutique gave her the unique ability to pick up a total of two items and unlimited ammo from a designated area. While players can only pick up two pieces of loot (guns, armor, grenades, attachments) you can use a Black Market exploit to make her ultimate function as a loot radar and locate every piece of loot in the radius covered by it. TikTok user BestisTV was one of the earliest to post about this exploit. Here is how you can use the Loba’s Black Market exploit in Apex Legends

How to locate every piece of loot in Loba's Black Market Radius

Here is how you can use pings and the Black Market to locate different pieces of loot in the radius of the ultimate.

  1. Put down the Black Market in an area.

  2. Open the Black Market and ping the loot that you want to locate.

  3. Exit the menu and ping the highlighted loot outside and hold it.

  4. Follow the line that shows up after you ping the loot.

  5. Adjust your position to see where exactly the line points to and go to the location to collect the loot.

Note that you can’t look around while holding the ping so it is important to reposition yourself to see exactly where the line points. Here is a video by YouTuber Mok3ysnip3r that gives you a demonstration of how to do it.

Other tips to use Loba’s Black Market

  • You can take as much ammo as you want from the Black Market. Use this to your advantage, you can refill your entire squad's ammo supply during later stages of the game with ease.

  • The Black Market has a fairly low cooldown compared to other ultimates in the game. Make sure you use it frequently to pick up surrounding loot and ammo.

  • Black Market Boutique has the same range as your passive, Eye For Quality. So use your ultimate to pick up any purple and gold loot you see through the walls around you.

  • Enemies in the area will get an indication of you picking up loot from the ultimate. They can use this information to track you down, so if you’re sneaking up on enemies, don’t use the ultimate to give away your position.

  • After a fight, use the ultimate to swap out your damaged armor instead of wasting shield batteries or cells to replenish it.

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