Apex Legends Lifeline Takeover: Everything We Know So Far

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Apex Legends Lifeline Takeover


Apex Legends might be getting a new Town Takeover event soon featuring Lifeline.
The event is expected to arrive sometime in Season 13 which ends in early August.
Respawn is yet to officially confirm the event and players should take the leaks surrounding the event with a grain of salt.

Lifeline at one point was one of the most prominent legends of the Apex Legends meta but she does not share the same popularity at the moment. After being nerfed and buffed multiple times, she barely sees any play and fans have been asking for more buffs for months now. With a leak suggesting that a Lifeline Town Takeover might be coming to Apex Legends, she may finally get some much-needed changes.

Apex Legends Lifeline Town Takeover Overview

Town Takeover events involve certain points of interest (POIs) being changed to fit the theme of specific legends. For example, Octane has his Ring of Fire, Caustic has his special Lab and Rampart has Big Maude as their signature locations. Lifeline might be next in line to get her special area, which seems to be a medical clinic of some kind.

Usually when a Town Takeover event happens, a point of interest is significantly changed. Lifeline is expected to get her Town Takeover event in Olympus, which makes her the second legend to receive an exclusive POI in Olympus.

The other special location in Olympus is Pathfinder’s Fight Night, which is a boxing ring where you can’t use weapons and have to rely on melee damage to take enemies out. With Pathfinder having boxing gloves as part of his heirloom kit, it fits his theme quite well.

Lifeline is a medic and the leaked Town Takeover POI looks like a medical clinic that is likely to house healing items. Currently, the only consistent way to get Shield Batteries and Medkits is by crafting them by using materials. With the addition of the special POI, we may get access to defensive items similar to how Lifeline’s care package works.

Assuming the leaks are accurate, the new POI might allow players to grab high-tier armor and healing items consistently if they are willing to risk fighting in the area. There is no official word on when the Town Takeover event will occur. Respawn Entertainment is yet to officially confirm the event and with Valkyrie’s Collection event coming up on 21st June, it is unlikely that we will get access to the new Town Takeover anytime soon.

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