League of Legends Street Demon Skins: Champions, Release Date, Price & More

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Riot Games revealed its next, new colorful skinline called Street Demons.
The new skins were revealed on the official League of Legends Twitter handle along with the champions who are featured in the cosmetic collection.
Here's all we know about League of Legends Street Demon Skins.

On 29th August, Riot Games revealed its newest skin line which is already live on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) with LoL Patch 13.18. Titled "Street Demons," these skins look colorful with bold, neon shades and incorporate an urban art style with Demon and Oni aesthetics. The colors featured immediately make you think of graffities and the skins look very similar to the Zombie VS Slayers skinline in the game.

Here's all we know so far about the Street Demons skins, the prices, release date among other details.

Which League of Legends Champions are Getting Street Demon Skins?

A total of five champions have been initially revealed by Riot Games in its official posts on social media channels. The five champions are as follows:

  • Street Demon Brand

  • Street Demon Zyra

  • Street Demon Dr. Mundo

  • Street Demon Rengar

  • Street Demon Neeko

Notably, Dr Mundo is getting a skin nearly after four-and-a-half years and the last skin he received was Frozen Prince Mundo in 2018 winter during the seasonal event. Additionally, despite a major visual and gameplay update that Mundo received, he has not gotten much love from the player base and his pick rate in pro play is also low.

In the teaser shared by Riot Games for the Street Demon skins, you will notice how the auto attacks and the abilities used by the champions cause a paint splatter effect, both with visual effects and audio cues. In the recall animation, we either see some kind of an art work pertaining to the champion or a graffiti of sorts, adding a neat, unique touch.

Street Demon Skins: Prices & Release Date

All the skins featured in the Street Demon cosmetic line are projected to be Epic skins. As a result, players will be able to pick them up for the regular Epic skin price of 1350 RP in the League of Legends skin shop once they are made available.

Additionally, along with these new skins, you will also be able to pick up the new Taliyah Crystalis Motus skin, which will be soon available in the mythic shop for 100 Mythic Essence.

Notably, the Street Demons skins will be made available in LoL Patch 13.18 and this is set to release on 13th September [Wednesday]. However, the skins will be available on the League of Legends store a day later on 14th September.

Another big development to follow in the upcoming patch will be about new champion Briar for whom Riot is currently dropping teasers and trailers.

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