Map and terrain changes in League of Legends Season 2024


League of Legends Season 2024: All You Need to Know About Map Terrain Changes

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games has excited the League of Legends player base with the changes lined up for Season 2024.
Apart from the void-related changes, players need to be aware of updates to their beloved Summoner's Rift.
In this article, we will take a closer look at the map and terrain changes in League of Legends Season 2024.

Riot Games is gearing up for some of the biggest changes it has made to League of Legends in years with Season 2024. They are already live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) where players can test them ahead of time and give constructive feedback to Riot Games.

In its Season 2024 reveal blog, Riot Games said, "The Season Start 2024 gameplay changes will start hitting PBE today! Things will be in a pretty early state when you first see them, so expect changes to things like visuals, item names, effect names, stat values, and more as we continue to refine these items while they’re on PBE."

Apart from the void-related changes, new monster, item updates, Riot Games has brought forth a plenty of map and terrain changes. This will ensure that players learn some of the gameplay mechanics from scratch, keeping League of Legends fresh and exciting. With these new map changes, players will be forced to learn new ganking routes, think about their rotation timing, among others.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the map and terrain changes in League of Legends Season 2024.

Map & Terrain Changes in League of Legends Season 2024

There are map and terrain changes across all lanes on the Rift starting from top lane to bottom. There are also changes made to the jungle including parts of the river and surrounding neutral monsters including the Baron Nashor and dragon.

Let's start with the lanes and then explore parts of the river and the jungle.

Top Lane Map Changes in Season 2024

In the top side of the Summoner's Rift, Riot Games has made two major changes:

top lane
  • It has tried to mirror the terrain from blue to red side to make ganking paths similar. This also makes lane ganks trickier.

  • There is a new little wall and brush combination in the middle of the river entrance to the top lane.

Mid Lane

Riot has created more space in the mid lane by pushing the brush back a bit and moving one gank path further back. The publisher believes that this will help create safety and space for immobile mid-lane mages who do not have escape abilities like dashes in their kits.

mid lane

Bottom Lane Changes in Season 2024

Just like the top-lane change, Riot has added in a small wall and a pixel brush right beside it. Apart from this, the other change is only for the red side. Riot Games has mirrored the blue side tri-brush area onto the red side and opened up a new gank path beside the tower. This will help make both sides more symmetrical, and eliminate side advantages when it comes to gank protection and warding.

bottom lane

In the jungle, there are new walls here and there. The biggest terrain change in the jungle is a new, wide wall directly across from the Baron and Drake pits.

If you are keen on learning more about the void-related changes coming to Summoner's Rift in Season 2024, make sure to check them out on League of Legends Season 2024: New Monster, Void Camps, Baron's New Looks Explained.

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