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League of Legends Season 2024: New Monster, Void Camps, Baron's New Looks Explained

Herald and Baron are here to SLAY with their new looks and mechanics!!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games is bringing big changes to Summoner's Rift in Season 2024, changing some of the fundamentals of League of Legends.
These changes are a surefire way of keeping the game afresh and will allow players to fall in love with the game once again.
Here are the Void-themed changes that are coming forth in Season 2024 of League of Legends.

Ahead of the League of Legends Worlds 2023 grand finale, Riot Games shared the gameplay teaser of Season 2024 on 19th November.

Captioned, "Looks dangerous. You in?," the teaser showcased sweeping changes to the League of Legends and the Summoner's Rift we know. It immediately caught the attention of the player base and excited them. A few days later, Riot Games has broken down all the upcoming changes to make it easier for the players to follow and understand.

It said, "The Season Start 2024 gameplay changes will start hitting PBE today! Before they’re out, we wanted to talk you through the changes you’ll see coming to Summoner’s Rift."

Having said all that, here are the major gameplay changes to Rift Herald, Baron Nashor and other voidlings in League of Legends Season 2024 that you should be familiar with.

Big Void-Related Changes in League of Legends Season 2024

Riot Games said, "Get ready for map changes, new monsters, item updates, and more hitting the Rift in January."

Let's get to all of them one by one starting with the Void changes.

Though a lot of updates in Season 2024 point to a "Void theme," Riot Games confirmed that there shall be no Void event in 2024.

Void Changes in Season 2024

Voidgrubs and Voidmites

The newest monster additions to League of Legends are voidlings who will take their spot in the Baron pit. Called Voidgrubs, these beasts will take the place of the first Rift Herald of each game before despawning at 14 minutes, after which Shelly will spawn. Three Voidgrubs will spawn at 5 minutes, each with its own respawn timer of 4 minutes, and a maximum of six can spawn in a single game.

Voidgrubs and Voidmites

Riot Games

Riot Games stated that each Voidgrub, when aggroed, will unleash smaller ones called Voidmites to attack enemies. When you manage to take down some Voidgrubs, the entire team will earn a buff called the Hunger of the Void. This will give the players damage over time and bonus damage to structures. This buff stacks based on the number of Voidgrubs your team manages to take down. When you manage to kill five or six Voidgrubs, you’ll also periodically summon one or two Voidmites that will help take down structures.

Rift Herald's New Look

Rift Herald is here to stay in 2024 but Shelly has a new, Voidgrub-inspired look. Additionally, when you crush the Eye of the Herald, Rift Herald will spawn as usual, but the user or an allied champion will be able to right-click Shelly and jump inside her. This will allow the player to steer Shelly similar to Sion's ultimate.

Players should note that charging Herald into a turret while controlling it from within will do more damage than the usual summon. Interestingly, if you happen to run into an enemy champion while riding Shelly, then they will be damaged and knocked airborne.

Once you collide with terrain or a turret, the champion riding Shelly will be knocked off, going back to their usual selves.

Void Camps

Usual jungle camps including the Red Brambleback, Blue Sentinel, and the Rift Scuttler will take on a more "voidier" look in the upcoming Season 2024 of League of Legends. Once Baron Nashor spawns at 20 minutes, the next time Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback respawn, they will become Voidborn Sentinel and Voidborn Brambleback, respectively. This applies to the scuttle crab as well.

Players should note that apart from their appearances, these camps also become tankier and become harder to take down. However, once slain, Blue and Red will grant their buffs to the entire team of the player that takes them down (excluding any allies that were dead.)

Meanwhile, taking down the tanky Voidborn Scuttler will send out a massive Scryer’s Bloom effect, revealing all champions and wards in a large surrounding area.

Baron Nashor Is Scarier in 2024

Firstly, Baron Nashor has received a major visual update. He will also take up three forms and his form will decide the terrain of the Baron pit. They are as follows:

Baron Nashor and new looks

Riot Games

  • Hunting Baron: No change to the pit

  • Territorial Baron: Wall in front of the pit

  • All-Seeing Baron: Closed off the front and opens up on both sides creating a tunnel to the pit.

These new configurations create variation in how Baron fights play out game to game.

Additionally, all three Baron variations have different attacks. While the All-Seeing Baron opens a Void Rift that creates a damage over time zone within the new tunnel pit, the Territorial Baron will pull champions near him. Lastly, the Hunting Baron will blast all nearby enemies with lightning from above.

Apart from these void-themed changes, there are a plenty of item and map changes coming forth in League of Legends Season 2024. It is very clear that Riot Games is trying to revitalize the game and the community by brining forth massive changes.

These changes are a surefire way of keeping the game afresh and will allow players to fall in love with the game once again.

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