Patch Schedule for League of Legends Season 2024 or Season 14


League of Legends Season 14 Patch Schedule for 2024

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Riot Games releases updates to League of Legends via its scheduled patches every two weeks.
The patches usually go live on Wednesday with some releasing on Thursday.
Here’s the official patch schedule for 2024 featuring Season 14.

The League of Legends Season 14 Patch Schedule comes as no surprise for the player base as Riot Games continues to uphold the tradition of releasing updates every two weeks. 

Players should note that the patch schedule for 2024 mentions only content updates and scheduled balance patches. It does not account for emergency bug fixes that are deployed throughout the year to address game-breaking issues or glaring balance problems. The patch dates for League of Legends can change at any time for any number of reasons. 

Riot Games recommends checking the official patch schedule for 2024 a day or two before a patch to see if it's moved. Notably, if a patch is delayed within 48 hours of its scheduled date, Riot will issue an alert on its official League of Legends patch schedule 2024 page.

League of Legends 2024 Patch Schedule: Season 14

Riot Games revealed the official patch schedule for Season 14. While the first patch reportedly dropped on 10th January 2024, with the last one is scheduled for 11th December 2024.

Here’s the official League of Legends 2024 patch schedule: 

  • 14.1: 10th January 2024

  • 14.2: 24th January 2024

  • 14.3: 7th February 2024

  • 14.4: 22nd February 2024

  • 14.5: 6th March 2024

  • 14.6: 20th March

  • 14.7: 3rd April

  • 14.8: 17th April

  • 14.9: 1st May

  • 14.10: 15th May

  • 14.11: 30th May

  • 14.12: 12th June

  • 14.13: 26th June

  • 14.14: 17th July

  • 14.15: 31st July

  • 14.16: 14th August

  • 14.17: 28th August

  • 14.18: 11th September

  • 14.19: 25th September

  • 14.20: 9th October

  • 14.21: 23rd October

  • 14.22: 6th November

  • 14.23: 20th November

  • 14.24: 11th December

We will make sure to update the League of Legends 2024 patch schedule if there are any changes to the above-mentioned dates.

What's New in Season 2024?

In Season 2024 of League of Legends, apart from the void-related changes, new monster, and map and terrain changes, Riot Games has brought forth a plenty of item changes. For the first time, players did not have a preseason and instead, they directly played on the new map, experiencing different changes right when the season kicked off.

Here are the key dates that you need to keep in mind:

  • Split 1 begans on 9th January

  • Split 2 begins in May 2024

  • Split 3 begins in September 2024

bottom lane

If you have not played League of Legends yet in Season 2024, you should remember that the game and its terrain will look very different to you. There are map and terrain changes across all lanes on the Rift starting from top lane to bottom. There are also changes made to the jungle including parts of the river and surrounding neutral monsters including the Baron Nashor and the dragon.

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