Rise of the Sentinels event has gone live with patch 11.14 in League of Legends.


League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels: Ruination Skins, Missions, Rewards Revealed

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Rise of the Sentinels lets players recruit allies to fight against the Ruination.
Players can complete missions and earn rewards including emotes, icons and tokens.
Several champions including Pyke, Graves, and Dianna have new skins available during the event.

The Sentinels of Light global event has debuted in League of Legends and will span across all Riot Games titles including Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and even Valorant. The Sentinels of Light will battle the Ruination for domination in the Rise of the Sentinels event. The event started on 8th July, 2021 with the rollout of League of Legends patch 11.14 and will last till 9th Aug, 2021. Players can join the Sentinels of Light to fight against Viego and the Black Mist. The event will also see the debut of Akshan, the newest champion. Players can unlock several rewards by completing missions and earning Sentinel points. Players can also complete optional rookie missions for bonus points.

Rise of the Sentinels Event Dates and Missions

The event also debuted on Valorant and Wild Rift yesterday. Legends of Runeterra can expect the event to go live on 14th July while Teamfight Tactics will see it on 21st July, 2021. Players can recruit ally champions in the battle against Viego. The missions will be released as weekly chapters and players can take different paths to the Shadow Isles.

Sentinels event weekly timeline

Players will be able to unlock several locations on the map to complete missions and recruit new sentinels to their ranks. While some regions must be visited first (Demacia, Piltover & Zaun), others present a choice that will affect your rewards and which Sentinel you recruit. In these instances, the region visited first is marked with an A, while the region visited second will be marked with a B.

Sentinel event map

Each new recruit will come with their own objectives and points to earn.

Playing a matchmade game using a Sentinel or Ruined Skin will also earn players extra points throughout the weeks.

  • Week 1 gives players a +2 points bonus

  • Week 2 gives players a +4 points bonus

  • Week 3 gives players a +8 points bonus

  • Week 4 gives players a +16 points bonus

Starting from Week 3, players will have the opportunity to earn even more points by achieving special objectives related to their roster. Completing these optional tasks will give you a little point boost in certain situations and you won't miss out on any rewards if you don't complete them.

Week 3 Rookie Missions

Week 4 Rookie Missions

Rise of Sentinels Event Rewards

Players can earn more rewards for climbing each region's tiers by earning more points.

Rise of Sentinels Event Skins

Several champions are getting Sentinel or Ruined skins during the Sentinels of Light global event. The Sentinels Mega Bundle includes Vayne, Irelia, Diana, Riven, and Pantheon, along with their Sentinel/Ruined skins and icon borders, and a Sentinels Ward for 12445 RP(or 10290 RP if you already own all the champions). Discounts will be applied should you already own some, or all, of these champions.

Sentinel and Ruination Skins available now

Legendary Sentinel Vayne - 1820 RP

Sentinel Vayne sees the Night Hunter don a new hairstyle. 

Sentinel Irelia - 1350 RP

Irelia got a rework and a new skin this patch. 

Sentinel Diana - 1350 RP

Diana joins the Sentinels to protect everything the moonlight touches.

Sentinel Riven - 1350 RP

This will be Riven's 13th skin released till date.

Sentinel Olaf - 1350 RP

Olaf joins his fellow Sentinels to fight for the Freljord.

Ruined Pantheon - 1350 RP

Pantheon also gets an Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition skin during the event.

Sentinel and Ruination Skins available by 22nd July, 2021

Legendary Sentinel Graves - 1820 RP

Graves' upcoming Sentinels skin will have 'slightly different' VFX after level 11.

Sentinel Pyke - 1350 RP

Sentinel Pyke will be available during week of the event.

Sentinel Rengar - 1350 RP

The new Rengar skin features Sentinel themed VFX.

Ruined Miss Fortune - 1350 RP

Miss Fortune is one of the few champions to get a Ruination themed skin.

CyberPop Akshan - 1350 RP

The new champion Akshan will be released with a skin from the Cyberpop line.

Skins available by 29th July, 2021

Unbound Thresh - 300 Event tokens

Unbound Thresh can be unlocked through Sentinels of Light event tokens.

Unbound Thresh debuts as an event shop exclusive during Sentinels of Light, but will return to the store for regular purchase as a 750 RP skin in patch 11.20.

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