League of Legends Porcelain Skins: Champions Featured, Price & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>League of Legends Porcelain skins 2024</p></div>
League of Legends Porcelain skins 2024


Riot Games has an enormous collection of cosmetics and skins for its champions.
Some skin lines are fan favorites and the Porcelain skins in League of Legends is one such collection.

Riot Games introduces numerous skins and cosmetics at regular intervals in League of Legends and there are thousands of skins in the game. While there skin lines that portray sci-fi and cyberpunk-ish feels, there are a lot more that look absolutely ethereal and stunning. One such beautiful skin collection in League of Legends is the Porcelain or the Lunar New Year one.

This collection was first released by Riot Games in 2022 and every year since, the game has added new champion to this skinline. Right in time for this Lunar New Year, new champions have been added to the Porcelain lineup.

Here's all you need to know about the Porcelain or the Lunar New Year skins, both old and new in League of Legends.

Porcelain Skinline League of Legends: All You Need to Know

Introducing the new inductees into the skinline, Riot Games said, "Nothing fragile about them," and posted short gameplay clips of the champions. The official lore of the skinline says the following:

"In a world where ancient spirits and magical creatures thrive in the periphery of modern society, powerful porcelain artifacts called the Zodiac Relics are key to unlocking immense power. They are kept safe by the Protectors: immortal guardians tasked with keeping the Relics out of the wrong hands."

Skins in Porcelain Collection & Release Date of New Porcelain Skins

In Season 14 of League of Legends, the following champions are receiving Porcelain skins:

  • Graves

  • Darius

  • Irelia

  • Miss Fortune

  • Morgana

  • Aurelion Sol

  • Kindred (plus Prestige edition)

These skins are reported to get released on 22nd February along with LoL Patch 14.4. Most of these skins will likely cost you 1350 RP except for Aurelion Sol which could be 1820 RP due to it being a Legendary skin and the Prestige Porcelain Kindred, which will likely be 2000 event points.

The other champions featured in the Porcelain skin collection are Ezreal, Lux, Amumu, and Lissandra.

Interestingly, the Zodiac Relics are based on the Chinese Zodiac. The skin collection also shares themes with Stargazer skins in Wild Rift.

Each champion in the Porcelain skin lineup has one of the Zodiac Relics:

  • Porcelain Amumu holds the Rat Relic.

  • Porcelain Protector Ezreal holds the Tiger Relic.

  • Porcelain Darius was the previous holder of the Tiger Relic.

  • Porcelain Kindred hold the Dog Relic.

  • Porcelain Lissandra has the Snake Relic.

  • Porcelain Lux Porcelain has the Rabbit Relic.

  • Porcelain Irelia is the holder of the Ox Relic.

  • Porcelain Miss Fortune holds the Dragon Relic.

  • Porcelain Protector Aurelion Sol was the initial holder of the Dragon Relic.

  • Porcelain Graves was also a previous holder of the Dragon Relic.

  • Porcelain Morgana holds the Rooster Relic.

Currently, there are no holders for the remaining four Chinese Zodiac signs of Horse, Goat, Monkey and Pig. It could be the case that Riot Games adds them later on to the Porcelain collection.

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