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League of Legends Login Issues: How To Solve? Is League Down?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends players faced League of Legends login issues recently.
A lot of North American (NA) server players were met with a "Sorry, we're having trouble signing you in right now" pop-up.
Riot Games acknowledged this issue and it seems like the publisher quickly resolved it.

North American (NA) players faced League of Legends login issues recently. Upon trying to sign in to the Riot client, they were met with a "Sorry, we're having trouble signing you in right now" pop-up. There are many reasons why players could be facing such login issues with the MOBA [Multiplayer Online Battle Arena] game. It could either be a problem with your internet connectivity or your PC or maybe a server issue on Riot's end.

There are a handful of checks that you could perform to rule out possibilities and narrow down potential problems.

Here are some of the ways you can try to solve the League of Legends login issues.

League of Legends Login Issues: How To Check & Solve

On 27th December, a Redditor made a post, "Issues logging in (NA). Anyone else having issues trying to log into NA servers right now? I keep getting 'Sorry, we're having trouble signing you in right now' every time I try to log in."

On the thread, a Riot Games dev said, "Teams are aware an investigating, sorry for the inconvenience :("

However, another player commented that they played on the Brazilian server and they too had the League of Legends login issue.

The Rioter's comment confirmed that it was a Riot Games issue and hence the publisher took swift action. On the League of Legends Service Status page currently, it states that the login issue has been resolved.

Under the 'Recently closed' tab, it read, "Login Issues. Posted: December 27, 2023 at 08:47 GMT+5:30. We're aware of a problem causing login attempts to fail and are working on a fix. Platforms affected: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS."

There are no recent issues or events to report, according to Riot Games.

Other Possible Reasons for League of Legends Login Issues

Some of the common symptoms for League of Legends login issues are:

  • You receive an error on the login screen that is not related to your credentials.

  • Your connection times out during the login process.

You can do these following checks to solve the issue at hand:

Select the Correct Region on the Client

Right after clicking on the League of Legends icon, before hitting the 'Play' button, check the region that you are logging. You can do so by glancing at the top right corner of the window. Make sure to login into the region where you currently have your account.

Sync Your Clock

If your Windows OS Clock is out of sync with real time, it will not provide Riot servers with correctly timestamped certificates. As a result, this could affect connectivity to the League of Legends servers, store or matches. You can sync your clock manually. Here's how you do it:

  • Right-click on your computer's clock and choose 'Adjust Date/Time'.

  • Select the 'Internet Time' tab, and click the 'Change Settings' button.

  • At this point you may receive a UAC prompt. After this prompt, click the 'Update Now' button to resync.

Check Riot Servers

Usually, before performing any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, it is worth checking the current status of the League of Legends server that you are trying to connect to.

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