League of Legends Hwei: Abilities & Cheat Sheet Explained

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>League of Legends Hwei abilities and ability cheat sheet</p></div>
League of Legends Hwei abilities and ability cheat sheet


Riot Games showcased new champion Hwei at Worlds 2023 on 19th November.
As part of the usual ability rundown, the developers released a cheat sheet for Hwei's kit due to how overwhelming and complex his abilities are.
Here's all you need to know about Hwei and his abilities in League of Legends.

Hwei is League of Legends' newest entrant who shall be stepping foot onto Summoner's Rift sometime before the start of the new season. Since Riot Games initially planned on releasing only four champions in 2023, it is safe to say that Hwei will be the last champion for this year following Naafiri, Briar, and Milio.

On 19th November, during Worlds 2023, Riot Games unveiled Hwei and revealed that he is a high skill ceiling champion.

Apart from the usual ability rundown, the developers also released a cheat sheet for Hwei's kit due to how overwhelming and complex his abilities are. Here's all you need to know about Hwei's abilities in League of Legends.

Hwei's Abilities in League of Legends

Myles “Riot Emizery” Salholm, lead designer on Hwei, said, "For those of you looking for a high skill ceiling champion, boy do we have a treat for you. I wanted to share some thoughts on Hwei’s abilities, some insights into how we designed them, and when to think about using them in game."

In essence, players should understand that Hwei's base kit is the same: A passive spell and four other abilities. However, his kit explores three different "subjects" of art. This gives him three different stances and has a total of nine abilities, apart from the ultimate spell.

Here’s the rundown:

Passive: Signature of the Visionary

  • Hwei’s damaging abilities against enemy champions mark them.

  • Hitting marked enemies with another damaging ability creates an explosion, detonating after a short delay and dealing magic damage to all enemies in range.

Subject: Disaster

This subject is all about doing damage to the opponent. It also has a bit of crowd control in this stance. Here are the three abilities under 'Disaster.'

  • QQ: Devastating Fire

    • Hwei paints a blazing fireball that flies out in the target direction. It explodes on the first enemy hit or at maximum range, dealing magic damage plus percent max health magic damage to all enemies in an area.

  • QW: Severing Bolt

    • Hwei paints a long-range, devastating bolt at the target location. After a delay, the bolt strikes, dealing magic damage.

    • Those immobilized or isolated take increased damage based on missing health.

  • QE: Molten Fissure

    • Hwei paints a field of exploding volcanic eruptions, creating lingering lava in its path.

    • Every eruption deals magic damage to enemies hit. Enemies in the lava area are dealt magic damage per second and are slowed.

Subject: Serenity (W)

This particular stance is all about utility for Hwei and his allies. This allows him to take a more of a "support" role.

  • WQ: Fleeting Current

    • Hwei paints a current of swift waters in a line for a few seconds. This grants movement speed to himself and allies.

  • WW: Pool of Reflection

    • Hwei forms a protective pool at a target location that lasts for a few seconds.

    • Allied champions inside the area gain a shield, increasing in value over a few seconds while in the area.

  • WE: Stirring Lights

    • Hwei paints three swirling lights that circle him for several seconds like Nami's E.

    • Hwei’s next three attacks or spells deal bonus magic damage and grant mana on hit.

Subject: Torment (E)

Hwei's third and last stance is all about controlling enemies. This stance allows Hwei to dish out CC and has a fear, a root, and a pull.

  • EQ: Grim Visage

    • Hwei launches a terrifying face that strikes the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage and causing them to flee for a brief duration.

  • EW: Gaze of the Abyss

    • Hwei paints an abyssal eye at a target location that grants vision and locks onto the nearest visible enemy champion.

    • After a short delay, the eye fires at the locked-on champion, rooting the first enemy in its path for a few seconds and dealing magic damage to them.

  • EE: Crushing Maw

    • Hwei paints crushing jaws that deal magic damage to enemies hit and pulls them toward the center, slowing them by a set amount that quickly decays.

R: Spiraling Despair

  • Hwei launches a vision of pure despair that sticks to an enemy champion for a few seconds. The vision expands and overwhelms all enemies it touches, dealing magic damage per second.

  • Enemies within the zone are afflicted with stacks of Despair over time. Each stack of Despair applies a stacking slow. Upon completion, the vision shatters, dealing magic damage.

The cheat sheet for Hwei's abilities is as follows:

[Note that the cheat sheet has the action you are aiming to perform and the appropriate abilities for them]

  • Burst Damage: QQ

  • Artillery Execution: QW

  • Wave Clear & Zoning: QE

  • Molten Fissure Wave Clear and Zoning

  • Movement Speed: WQ

  • Sustain Shields: WW

  • Mana Restore: WE

  • Disengage Flee: EQ

  • Vision & Fighing: EW

  • Multiple Unit Collapse: EE

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