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League of Legends High Noon Skins: Champions Featured, Price & More

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Riot Games has an enormous collection of cosmetics and skins for its champions.
Some skin lines are fan favorites and the High Noon skins in League of Legends is one such collection.

Riot Games introduces numerous skins and cosmetics at regular intervals in League of Legends and there are thousands of skins in the game. While there skin lines that portray sci-fi and cyberpunk-ish feels, there are a lot more that look absolutely ethereal and stunning. One such beautiful skin collection in League of Legends is the High Noon one.

High Noon is a series of alternate future or universe skins in League of Legends which is set in a desert setting. Each champion is a western hero, villain, or creature in this cosmetic line. Inspired by American westerns, the High Noon skinline was rebooted in 2018 to be based on Western Gothics.

Riot Games announced the addition of four new champions — Yone, Evelynn, Gragas, and Rell — to this skinline in 2024. Here's all you need to know about the High Noon skins, both old and new, in League of Legends.

High Noon Skinline League of Legends: All You Need to Know

Introducing the new inductees into the skinline, Riot Games said, "Wanted: Dead, alive, or somewhere in between. Saddle up with new High Noon skins for Yone, Evelynn, Gragas, and Rell."

The official lore of the skinline says that during the industrial revolution's peak, travelers went on adventures to the west, looking for fortune and prosperity. Therefore, it is a time of gunslingers, scoundrels, gods, and demons and this is the essence of High Noon skins.

While Riot Games has not officially confirmed the release date for the latest additions to the High Noon skins, they were revealed to the public on 5th March. Therefore, League of Legends players can expect the new skins to go live on the servers around 20th March (Wednesday) which is the date of the next scheduled patch of LoL Patch 14.6.

Currently, we also do not know how much these new High Noon skins would cost but we do have an idea given previous patterns:

  • High Noon Yone (Legendary): 1820 RP

  • High Noon Evelynn Skin (Normal): 1350 RP

  • Prestige Evelynn: Event Points

  • High Noon Gragas Skin: 1350 RP

  • High Noon Rell: 1350 RP

All LoL Champions With a High Noon Skin

Here's a list of all the champions who are part of the High Noon universe in League of Legends:

  1. Hecarim

  2. Yasuo

  3. Mordekaiser

  4. Miss Fortune

  5. Leona

  6. Talon

  7. Prestige Talon

  8. Varus

  9. Irelia

  10. Senna

  11. Ashe

  12. Darius

  13. Urgot

  14. Lucian

  15. Thresh

  16. Jhin

  17. Skarner

  18. Twisted Fate

  19. Alistar

  20. Caitlyn

  21. Cassiopeia

  22. Fiddlesticks

  23. Kog'Maw

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