League of Legends Clash 2023 is undergoing significant changes


League of Legends Clash 2023: Split 2 Changes, Rewards, Schedule & More

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League of Legends Clash 2023 is undergoing significant changes with Split 2 in Season 13.
Here are the Clash changes that you should know about including rewards, schedule, and more.

The first iteration of League of Legends Clash came out in 2020 and since then, it has evolved into a mode that players thoroughly enjoy. Clash is a bi-weekly tournament organized by Riot Games that allows players to team up as five and compete against other teams of the same skill level. Players start by forming teams, scouting for players, and the matches take place on weekends. This highly competitive tournament is undergoing some significant changes in the upcoming Ranked Split 2 in Season 13. 

Riot Games said in a blog post, “Since the worldwide launch of Clash in 2020, we’ve learned so much about how players like to use Clash as well as the issues surrounding it. To that end, we want to share a few Clash updates we have planned for the rest of 2023.

Here are the Clash 2023 changes that you should know about including rewards, schedule, and more.

League of Legends Clash 2023 Frequency

Riot Games has decided to reduce the cadence of Clash down to roughly one tournament per month with the usual two Clash days per tournament. The number of Clashes will go down to 14 weekends in 2023 as a result. “This should increase the number of participants per Clash, make the tournaments feel more lively, and get you matched with teams closer to your team’s skill level,” believes Riot Games.

Clash 2023 Rewards

Riot Games noted that teams leave the tournament early after getting knocked out since there is nothing to play for. To this effect, Riot is changing Clash Capsule and Orb rewards to be distributed based on total wins throughout the tournament and not placement. 

Our goal here is to motivate teams to stick around, even if they lost early in the tournament since the rewards will be better if you win your remaining games,” noted the company.

Clash Basic Ticket and Rewards
Clash Premium Ticket and Rewards

Additionally, since the number of Clash tournaments is going down, Riot Games will be adjusting the amount of Victory Points (VP) players receive. However, VP received will still be based on your placement within each Clash tournament. 

Now, you’ll receive double the VP every time you win while the amount of VP required for each reward will remain the same.

Clash 2023 VP

ARAM Clash 2023

League of Legends players were treated to a very fun and entertaining in-game tournament in December 2022 where Riot Games introduced ARAM [All Random All Mid] Clash. On 16th February, Riot Games announced that ARAM Clash will return in 2023. 

Riot Games acknowledged that ARAM Clash was one of its highest participation Clash tournaments to date. As a result, it will be hosting one or two Non-Summoner’s Rift Clash tournaments a year.

Clash 2023 Split 2 Dates and Schedule

Having gone through all the major changes, here is the schedule for the remaining Clash 2023 tournaments.

Riot Games also stated that it is changing the way it monitors and supports Clash servers and codes to provide more stability.

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