Snow in Escape from Tarkov


Is There Snow in Escape from Tarkov?

Yes! It is real and players are going crazy!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Players have been grinding in Escape from Tarkov again after Battlestate Games introduced the game's latest wipe on 27th December.
The release of the 0.14 patch brought forth new map Ground Zero, new boss Kollontay, and multiple changes to the recoil system.
However, one of the biggest changes that has caught the players by surprise is the addition of seasons in Escape from Tarkov.

The latest Escape from Tarkov wipe is here as part of patch on 27th December. Battlestate Games released a new location along with this wipe for players to enjoy and it is none other than Ground Zero. Apart from that there is a new boss in town called Kollontay and players are also thoroughly enjoying the changes to the recoil system of the game.

However, one of the biggest changes that has caught the player base by surprise seems to be the addition of snow in Escape from Tarkov. While players have only dreamt of snow in the game, Battlestate Games has made it come true, pleasing so many dedicated fans.

Here's all we know about snow in Escape from Tarkov.

Players Relish Snow in Escape from Tarkov

The announcement of snow was reportedly made live on the Tarkov stream when a blizzard hit the raid that the Battlestate Games dev team was showing off. After a while, snow fell down and the map was covered in a bed of snow. This ultimately changed the audio cues of ambience and footsteps.

Tarkov players then noted that the blizzard also hit other maps. As a result, all of Tarkov is covered in snow and it looks like the snow is here to stay for a while.

On the Tarkov live stream, game director Nikita Buyanov revealed that the snow will not be available forever. However, he said that with this successfully on all servers, Battlestate Games shall use this feature to introduce seasons to the game.

One Redditor posted, "Snow in Tarkov? Anyone else had a raid with snow?" The user explained that they were playing as a Scav on Customs and all of a sudden, the weather changed from clear and sunny to a snow storm. They added, "Even after a minute or so the ground and trees would turn white from snow. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to record it but I was too late."

Confirming the new snow feature, another player commented, "Totally surprised us as well on Shoreline. Snowstorm came rolling in hard, but loving the transition!"

You will find countless players going crazy about snow in Escape from Tarkov because it was one of the most requested feature that has finally been added to the game out of the blue. Weather changes and features like snow make games like Escape from Tarkov feel even more real and reflect real life.

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