A Riot Games developer gave more context on the collaboration between Riot Games and Prime Gaming for the Prime Gaming Capsule and the rewards.


Is League of Legends x Prime Gaming Capsule Ending? All You Need to Know

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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A Riot Games developer gave more context on the collaboration between Riot Games and Prime Gaming for the Prime Gaming Capsule and the rewards.
While players initially thought the collaboration had come to a close, it seems like that might not be the case.

Update: There's a new Prime Gaming Capsule up for grabs

After initially stating that Riot Games would be doing a February Prime Gaming Capsule in the short term, the company announced on Twitter that a new one is up for grabs. It wrote, "New Prime Gaming Capsule's here! Claim 350 RP, 5 Mythic Essence, a 1350 RP skin, and more now."

You can head over to http://amzn.to/3YWGcj2 to claim yours, provided you have already connected your Amazon Prime Gaming and Riot Games accounts.

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If you have been looking for the League of Legends Prime Gaming loot for the month of February, you must have noticed that the website simply says that you have already collected the Prime Gaming Capsule. The community initially believed that the collaboration between Riot Games and Amazon Prime Gaming could have ended after 2022. However, Head of League Studio Andrei “Meddler” van Roon revealed to the players on Reddit that Riot Games has been talking to Amazon “about a potential 2023 version.” Additionally, the developer added some more context on the Amazon Prime Gaming Capsule conversation and cleared the air.

Here’s all you need to know about the League of Legends and Amazon Prime Gaming collaboration and the Prime Gaming Capsule.

Why did League of Legends players think the Amazon Prime Gaming collaboration was ending? 

On 13th February, YouTuber Matty Love Gaming reported that League of Legends players would no longer be given access to the Prime Gaming Capsule after the current reward period ends. He quoted a conversation between an Amazon employee and a Prime Gaming user where the Amazon employee said, “The deal with Riot Games only include capsule until December, there is not a new capsule for January or February, because of that, Riot extended the claiming period for the December capsule, the time was extended until Feb 16.

Additionally, the Amazon employee confirmed in the conversation (screengrab shown in the video) that there was no new capsule for 2023 yet but reassured that Riot Games and Amazon were working together to bring more content in the future. They added, “However, I can’t confirm when the next capsule will be available.

Naturally, League of Legends players took to social media sites including Twitter and Reddit to discuss the possible reasons for the collaboration ending. One user quoted a DotEsports report on this topic on Reddit and initiated a conversation. 

A Redditor commented on the thread, “No promotion lasts forever, and I definitely got my value out of this one while it was there,” referring to the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule. 

However, Riot Meddler was quick to jump into the conversation to provide more context around the Riot Games and Amazon Prime Gaming collaboration. He said, “Hey folks - I wanted to jump in and provide a little context to this conversation. Jumping on [the] top comment to help with vis[ibility]. Our original partnership with Amazon was just for 2022. We have, however, been talking with them about a potential 2023 version.

Meddler added that in the short term, amidst the conversations, the companies were doing a February Prime Gaming Capsule drop that’s the same as last year’s. He further said, “In the long term, we’re still figuring out whether something’s possible and if so what it might look like (though it’s unlikely to be the same as the 2022 version). We’ll share the new details with you as soon as we’ve got something concrete.

Following this, on 15th February, Prime Gaming tweeted, “Today, Prime members can grab new rewards in @PlayRuneterra & @WildRift. On 2/16 [16th February], @LeagueofLegends fans can claim a Prime capsule. Plus next week @PlayVALORANT fans will get additional rewards. Stay tuned for more!

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