The Important Patient quest in Escape from Tarkov is a community goal quest that was added along with the Chronicles of Ryzhy Season 2 Chapter 1 short film.


Important Patient Quest in Escape From Tarkov Explained

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The Important Patient quest in Escape from Tarkov is a community goal quest that was added along with the Chronicles of Ryzhy Season 2 Chapter 1 short film.
It is given by trader Therapist and here's all you need to know about this global event.

Update: Goal changed, Rewards revealed

The community goal of 10,000,000 was reached in eight days after the announcement on 15th April and following this, Battlestate Games released the Chronicles of Ryzhy [S2] Chapter 2 short film.

The rewards of the Important Patient Quest are as follows:

  • 1× Medicine case

  • 4× Grizzly medical kit

  • 2× Vaseline balm

  • 5× Propital regenerative stimulant injector

  • 3× eTG-change regenerative stimulant injector

  • +5 Surgery skill levels

  • +5 Health skill levels

Battlestate Games added a new Community Goal task in Escape from Tarkov on 7th April shortly after the Tarkov TV event. This community goal task called Important Patient Quest was released alongside the Chronicles of Ryzhy Season 2 Chapter 1 short film. It is a quest issued by trader Elvira Khabibullina also known by her alias Therapist. Players were initially looking out for anything new in the game since there was a patch just before the stream went live. However, later multiple players pointed out that the newest addition was the Important Patient Quest.

Notably, this is the first community goal quest that has been added to the game. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Important Patient Quest Guide

The Important Patient quest given by the Therapist is a pick-up task. When you take it up, she says, “It's not in my nature to be asking on behalf of others, but an acquaintance of mine desperately needs your help! She has a patient who is in critical condition and needs to be treated urgently. This person is extremely important to some... influential people. She has the medications she needs, but needs bandaging supplies. I would be very grateful if you could help!

The task objectives are very straightforward and simple:

  • Hand over Aseptic bandages

  • Hand over Army bandages

Note that there is no limit on the number of bandages you hand over to her. Also, keep in mind that these bandages need not have the ‘found in raid’ status. As a result, you can craft them or buy them off the Flea Market and hand them in. 

On the quest page, you will see that the number of bandages you hand over is actively tracked on the objectives column where it says “Transferred: 8” and so forth. 

At this point, players are confused as to whether the rewards they get change or increase according to the number of bandages they turn in. Currently, the rewards for this community global quest are unknown. 

Note that you can expect to find out what the rewards are once the community hits the goal of 10 Million bandages in total. There is an active website that is tracking the number of bandages being handed over to the Therapist globally.

You can check out how many bandages have been handed over and how many more of them we need to finish the Important Patient quest in Escape from Tarkov.

At the time of writing this article, the total number of bandages collected is 454,850. The community still needs to donate a staggering 9,545,150.

The players are hoping that Battlestate Games rewards them appropriately and that they are actually worth it. The article will be updated with the reward for the Important Patient quest once it is made available.

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