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How to Use Minecraft’s New Emote Features

Abhimannu Das
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Minecraft has added a suite of new features, easter eggs and server settings around emotes.
Players can now assign hotkeys for emotes and there are cool new emote easter eggs to be discovered.
The new emote wheel comes with four default emotes and you can earn more via achievements.

Emotes have always been a part of Minecraft but Mojang made some major updates to how the system works with a dedicated emote wheel, server customization settings, and more. If you emote, everyone on the server will be notified and can be turned off if you want to keep your chat window clean. There are some cool easter eggs that the devs have hidden within the new feature as well. Here’s everything you need to know about the new emote system in Minecraft.

Using Minecraft’s New Emote System

As soon as you update your game and spawn into the world, there will be instructions revealing how the new emote system works. There is a new emote wheel that has four slots and you can assign dedicated hotkeys for them. 

Each of your four slots will be tied to a corresponding key on your keyboard or a button on your controller, meaning you can emote without pausing your game. Just press "B" on your keyboard if you play on PC or left on your console controller's directional pad, and it’ll open a quick-emote box in the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

How to organize emotes in Minecraft

The four default emotes you get to use are Wave, Simple Clap, Follow Me, & Over There! If you want to change the emotes for your account, Head to the Dressing Room and you’ll discover all of your earned emotes. If you want even more emotes, you can unlock them via achievements.

Minecraft Emote Wheel

The new system allows you to change which hotkeys correspond to which emote in this section in the Dressing Room. If you do not like the new system, players (and server owners) can also mute the emote chat in World Settings.

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