How to Unlock the 'A New Home' Map Teaser in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends players and fans are eagerly waiting for the start of Season 15.
A New Home teaser in-game gives a glimpse of what is to come and shows off the new map.

Apex Legends Season 15 is just around the corner and fans have already been treated to the new legend Catalyst. Apart from that, the game will soon be getting a new map with the Apex Games moving to Boreas’ moon. If you’ve been around for a while, this map is not a surprise to you since it has been heavily teased over the last several months. Additionally, the early version of the map that was in development was also leaked on social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit. However, Respawn Entertainment has finally given its players a first look at the new location through the ‘A New Home’ teaser.

Players actually have a way to check out the Broken Moon battle royale map before the start of Season 15 but this comes with a catch, of course.

Accessing ‘A New Home’ in Apex Legends

The teaser for the map is now live and players can access it in the game to experience it first-hand. However, a couple of steps are to be done by the players before the teaser is unlocked. Firstly, A New Home will remain locked until you get a Golden Ticket for yourself. This Golden Ticket has been the talk of the town in the last week and it cannot be spotted naturally in-game. However, getting a ticket in a match of Apex Legends is simple as they are craftable in the Replicators.

Here’s how you can get a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends:

  • Queue up for a battle royale match.

  • Collect enough crafting materials located at points of interest across every Battle Royale map.

  • Spot Replicators, currently marked with a gold icon.

  • Once you’ve collected 125 crafting materials, go to the Replicator and craft yourself a Golden Ticket.

The Golden Ticket will be available until the season ends on 1st November. Once you’ve gotten a ticket, A New Home should unlock for you.

Following this, you simply will need to click on the “Play Apex” icon inside the game which will allow you to change the game mode. At the top right corner, you should be able to spot an icon labeled “A New Home,” which was previously behind a timer.

After readying up, the game will load you into the teaser and you will find yourself on the Arenas map Encore. A drop ship is waiting for you and once you go to the drop ship, the teaser will guide you. Notably, you can check out 'A New Home' as many times as you want before it goes away on 1st November when the new season begins.

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