Here is what the Golden Ticket does in Apex Legends.


What Does the Golden Ticket Do in Apex Legends?

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Respawn Entertainment is dropping hints for the new season.
Players can get the Golden Ticket in any Battle Royale match.

With Apex Legends Season 14 coming to a close in just a few weeks, Respawn Entertainment has already started dropping teasers for the next season. Players have spotted a Golden Ticket which is linked to the ‘A New Home’ teaser. It can be spotted in the main menu of the game. Many are left wondering what does the Golden Ticket do in Apex Legends. Let’s look at how you can get one in-game.

How to get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

Getting a ticket in an a match of Apex Legends is simple. These are craftable in the Replicators located all over any map in the game. Another perk of getting the Golden Ticket is that you are guaranteed a Legendary gold (fully kitted) weapon. Here is how you can get a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends:

  • Queue up for a battle royale match in Apex Legends.

  • Collect enough crafting materials located at points of interest across every Battle Royale map.

  • Spot Replicators located on the map, currently marked with a gold icon. There is usually one at every point of interest.

  • Once you’ve collected 125 crafting material go to the Replicator and craft yourself a Golden Ticket.

  • You’ll receive a Legendary gold weapon with fully kitted attachments.

Apart from the gold weapon, as of now there is not much else you get from crafting a Golden Ticket. However, Respawn is using it to build up to the "A New Home" teaser which unlocks in a week on 19th October. As of now, no other details about the teaser are known. The Golden Ticket is part of several breadcrumbs the developer has been dropping in the past week leading up to Apex Legends Season 15.

According to several leaks, Season 15 is said to host a brand new map set on Seer’s home planet along with a new legend currently known as ‘Catalyst’.

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