Here are various ways in which you can solve the attempting to reconnect error in League of Legends. 


How to Solve League of Legends Attempting to Reconnect Error

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League of Legends' attempting to reconnect error usually occurs when you're facing connection issues.
Here are some of the ways you can fix the League of Legends attempting to reconnect error.

League of Legends players may run into an error during matches with a box that pops up and reads "Attempting to Reconnect". This happens often when you’re facing connection issues that cause a high ping. Riot Games explains that when this message pops up, the game is trying to catch up with the real time experience of other players. You’ll likely see your champion and others frozen in place, sometimes stuck in a running animation or between ability animations when this happens. Here is what to do if you face the attempting to reconnect error in League of Legends.

How to fix the attempting to reconnect error in League of Legends

Visit the official Riot server status page to make sure your server isn’t down. If there are no issues with the server, check your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make sure there are no network issues in your area. Another feature Riot is currently beta testing is the Lag Report system. It will help you measure your ISP’s connection to Riot’s game servers. Lag report is currently available for most major regions including North America, EU-West and EU-Nordic East. The developer is working on extending the service to Oceanic players soon.

It may even be a router issue. Try to reboot your router by unplugging it and waiting for at least 10 seconds. Plug it back in and switch it on, wait for it to connect and check if this has resolved the attempting to reconnect error. If the issue lies with your Wi-Fi router, try switching to a wired connection through a LAN cable. Also make sure to close any other programs that may be taking up your bandwidth in the meantime. Video or music streaming apps and background downloads may be hindering your connection to the League of Legends servers.

Disable any third-party firewalls if you have them installed. To disable the Windows firewall, follow these steps:

  • Click on Start.

  • Search for the Control Panel and open it.

  • Click on System and Security.

  • Click on Windows Firewall.

  • Click on "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" (You might need to provide the Administrator password here).

  • Under each network location, select the "Turn off Windows Firewall" option.

If none of these work, try out the Hextech Repair Tool to gatherlogs.

The hextech repair tool will gather logs to send to Riot support. Use this if nothing works to solve the attempting to reconnect error. 

Riot Games / Nam Anh Cap

If you’re still facing an error, raise a ticket via League of Legends Support detailing your issues and the solutions you tried with the repair tool. To help Riot support better understand the issue, check the ‘Gather System & LoL Logs’ box in the Hextech Repair Tool and attach the .zip folder created by the tool in your ticket.

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