Riot Games will be deleting inactive Riot Games accounts in the next few months to maintain security and privacy of its players 


How to Prevent Your Riot Games Account From Getting Deleted?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games announced that it would soon be deleting "Very inactive" accounts.
If a player's account has been flagged inactive, they will receive an email from the company.

Riot Games announced on 15th August that it will start deleting accounts that do not meet certain criteria and those that are “inactive.” The company made it clear for all inactive accounts across its game titles including League of Legends and Valorant. Riot has been taking multiple steps to protect the accounts and personal data of its players and has been implementing various security and privacy efforts. Notably, it launched a two-factor authentication (2FA) system this year, and following this, the company is looking to delete very inactive Riot accounts.

It wrote, “People go AFK, we get it. But sometimes they never come back. We use your data to improve your experience, and if you don’t need it, we don’t either.

What is an inactive Riot Games account?

According to the blog post, a Riot Games account is considered inactive when there has not been any login activity across any of the Riot Games titles, applications, or web properties for over three years. In essence, if a player has not played a game in a while or logged into the client, but have logged into the web properties like or, the account would still be deemed active.

Riot Games added, “We have adopted a very conservative policy for determining which inactive accounts are being terminated.

Accounts must meet all of the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for deletion due to inactivity:

  • The account is inactive

  • The account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime

  • The account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime

  • The account has a playtime of fewer than 20 hours

  • The account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements

If a player does not fall under any of the above-mentioned categories, their Riot Games account will not be marked for deletion. Notably, Riot will also send an email to the player before the process.

How to prevent Riot Games account deletion?

Riot Games will begin enforcing this new policy over the next few months. If you receive an email about your account being considered for deletion, you can visit Riot Player Support, log in to the said account, and follow the instructions to opt-out of the deletion process. However, this system is not available at the moment since the policy is not enforced yet. Meanwhile, you could log into your clients or the Riot Games website if you have not been around its titles for a while and you wish to keep your account active.

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