How to Get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft</p></div>
Here is how to get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft


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Music Disc 5 was added in the latest The Wild Update in Minecraft.
Here is how to get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft.

Music disc 5 is one of the newest disc additions to Minecraft with the recent The Wild update 1.19. It is one of the rarest discs to find and needs to be crafted. Music Disc 5 has been the subject of much speculation in the Minecraft community. The eerie sounds on the disc have led some players to believe it hints at future mobs. Here is how to get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft.

How to get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft

Music Disc 5, unlike other discs added in the Wild update, cannot be found as an item, it has to be crafted from disc fragments - 5 found in chests around the Ancient City. You need a total of 9 x disc fragments 5 to craft Music Disc 5.

You will need a total of 9 x Disc - 5 fragments to create Music Disc 5

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How to find the Ancient City in Minecraft

The Ancient City is a massive location added to the game in The Wild Update. It can be found in the Deep Dark biome. Unlike strongholds, there is no item (like the eye of ender) which will help you find the Ancient City. It has to be found through hit or miss exploration. However, it usually spawns below the height of Y=-20, near bedrock. You can most commonly discover them at the height of Y=-40. A general rule of thumb to follow in finding the Ancient City is to look for high mountain ranges in drier biomes, with a cave system underneath. Keep digging till you hit Y = -20 and branch out a bit to see if you find the city.

Once you find the Ancient City, you can explore the different structures to find chests containing different valuable loot. You’ll also be able to find Music Disc cat, Music Disc 13 and Music Disc otherside along with loot like enchanted books, enchanted iron leggings, amethyst and echo shards, etc. Look for disc fragments - 5 in the chests.

Look around for chests in the ancient city where you will find disc fragments for Music Disc 5.

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Collect 9 x disc fragment - 5 to craft Music Disc 5 on a crafting table. Once you craft the music disc you can play it on a jukebox. 

The Deep Dark biome is a dangerous place, make sure you come adequately prepared. While exploring the Ancient City you’re likely to run into Wardens which are one of the harder hostile mobs in the game.

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