How to Fly in Both Survival and Sandbox modes in Lego Fortnite?


How to Fly in Both Survival and Sandbox modes in Lego Fortnite?

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Flying in Survival mode requires you to construct an Airship using Balloons, Thrusters, Activation Switches, Dynamic Foundation, and many Wood Foundations.
Sandbox mode can be a useful tool for experimenting and crafting numerous flying structures that can later be built in Survival mode.

The increasingly popular Lego Fortnite allows players to explore its different biomes in two different ways; one is through the Sandbox mode which unleashes your creativity, while the Survival mode requires you to learn the game’s mechanics and put your crafting skills to the test.

While exploring the environment is pretty easy in the Sandbox mode, traversing through the Survival mode takes a lot more skill and patience, as the process is quite complex in comparison. While the first mode allows the player to fly around the map in a similar way to Minecraft’s creative world, the second mode requires you to build numerous structures and gather the necessary resources to make flying vehicles. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Fly in Lego Fortnite’s Sandbox Mode?

If you are in Lego Fortnite’s sandbox world, all you need to do to fly around is press the jump key once while on the ground and once again while you are in mid-air. Upon doing it successfully, you will now levitate in the air and gain access to another set of controls. 

Pressing the sprint key will help you fly around faster while holding down the jump key will make you fly higher. You can also press the crouch button to reduce your altitude and you can completely exit the fly mode by double-tapping the jump key.

How to Fly in Lego Fortnite’s Survival Mode?

Although your initial traversal is on foot in Lego Fortnite’s survival mode, the game brings in numerous other options once you get through the early game phase. You can start by attaching balloons to a Dynamic Foundation and eventually end up with a functional airplane of sorts, by attaching thrusters to the structure.

However, you need to make a lot of progress through the game before you can get your hands on all of the different components to build a fully functioning plane in this mode. There are numerous ways to build one but the process essentially requires Balloons, Thrusters, Activation Switches, Dynamic Foundation, and many Wood foundations. Follow these instructions to build a simple and efficient Airship:

  • Begin by placing the Dynamic Foundation as this will be the base structure of your Airship.

  • Place one Thruster in the middle back of one side of the foundation along with an Activation Switch.

  • Place a Large Balloon in the center of the foundation and press the switch to fly up and thrust forward.

  • You can use wood foundation blocks on the very left or right side of the base to turn on either side. You can break these blocks if you want to stop turning. Be careful not to break your balloon while doing so.

  • Although you can break your balloons to land, doing so can be pretty expensive. As an alternative, stack up wooden foundations on the left and right side of the base to land. You will require 6 blocks to do so.

That is pretty much how you can fly around the world in Lego Fortnite’s Sandbox and Survival modes. Check out our other guides if you wish to learn how to craft other such items.

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