Are There Bosses in LEGO Fortnite?


Are There Bosses in LEGO Fortnite?

Abhimannu Das
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LEGO Fortnite wants to compete in the survival genre but it has a distinct lack of endgame enemies.
The only tough enemy in the game is the brute, but it does not classify as a boss.

LEGO Fortnite wants to compete in the survival genre and a lot of players are looking for a challenging experience in the endgame. While games in the genre offer a fairly casual experience, a lot of them have challenging enemies for players who are down to take on powerful foes. If you are wondering if LEGO Fortnite has bosses similar to Minecraft’s Elder Dragon, here’s what you need to know.

There are no bosses in LEGO Fortnite

While exploring LEGO Fortnite, you'll encounter challenging creatures, especially in the desert and snow biomes. However, don't mistake them for bosses. They're just strong creatures with high hit points and damage. Here are the toughest foes in LEGO Fortnite: 

  • Scorpions: Found in the desert biome.

  • Spiders: Found in the forest biome.

  • Rollers: Found in the snow biome.

  • Wolves: Found in the forest biome.

  • Crabs: Found in the beach biome.

  • Blasters: Found in the volcanic biome.

  • Brutes: The toughest creatures in the game. Found in all biomes.

Brutes are the most frustrating enemies to go up against. You can find the generic brutes in the Forest biome and there are Sand and Frost counterparts as well in their respective biomes.

The creatures are rare but if you do find them, prepare for a tough fight. The best way to take down Brutes is to use a Crossbow. Despite its slow attack speed, it deals the highest damage per hit in the game. Brutes are aggressive, but you can find openings to fire arrows at them by dodging their attacks and retreating when necessary.

Will endgame bosses be added to LEGO Fortnite?

Epic Games is known for its frequent content updates and if there is genuine interest in endgame bosses, we expect the developers to introduce bosses to LEGO Fortnite. IT has been only a few days since the game was released and we expect years of content to be added to the game over time.

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