How to Get Balloons in Lego Fortnite?


How to Get Balloons in Lego Fortnite?

Surya Kumar
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Making balloons in Lego Fortnite requires access to a Loom along with resources such as Silk Fabric, Torch, and Cord.
Balloons need to be attached to the Dynamic Foundation structure to become functional.
Remember that unlocking the balloon requires your village to be at a certain level.

The release of Lego Fortnite on 7th December has caught the attention of numerous gamers with millions, jumping in to try out this new mode. This single-player survival mode emphasizes crafting and building their own settlement by gathering materials from its world.

Although traversing through the game is initially done on foot, eventually, the game presents several methods to get around, and one such is using balloons to soar up into the sky. Without further ado, let’s figure out how to get them and explore Lego Fortnite’s various biomes.

Acquiring Balloons in Lego Fortnite

Firstly, making balloons in Lego Fortnite requires you to craft a Loom. You can make one with  the following items:

  • 9 x Flexwood

  • 8 x Flexwood Rods

  • 6 x Sand Claws


Collecting these materials requires you to head into a desert biome. While Flexwood can be gathered from Cacti in the region, Sand Claws can be gained by killing Sand wolves in the desert. Make sure you carry a Blue Axe to chop down the Cacti, and also carry a weapon to fight the wolves. Making Flexwood rods requires access to a Lumber Mill which can be built with 8 wood and 15 granite. 

Remember that unlocking the balloon requires your village to be at a certain level and the materials required to build a Loom are tier 3 Epic items that you will unlock midway through the game. Once the Loom is built, it will now give you access to build numerous in-game items.

Crafting Balloons in Lego Fortnite

Crafting a small balloon requires you to get the following items:

  • 1 x Silk Fabric

  • 1 x Torch

  • 1 x Cord

Silk fabric requires you to gather Silk Thread, which can be done by killing spiders. Cord can be made by collecting Vines while making a Torch also requires 5 Vines and 3 wood. Once the ingredients are prepared, you need to head into the Toys section from the Utility menu and craft a small balloon. You can also make a large balloon with 2 Silk Fabrics instead of one.

small balloon

However, to make them functional, you will need to attach them to certain structures. They do not work on any regular building parts and you need to construct a Dynamic Foundation which can be done using 4 Flexwood. This structure will also be found in the same “Toys” menu.

Once the Dynamic Foundation is built, attach your balloons to them to make them fly up in the air. Eventually, you can also add thrusters and steer them while up in the air

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