Riot Games' League of Legends Failed To Receive Platform SIPT Error can prevent players from logging into League of Legends client and play the game.


How To Fix League of Legends Failed To Receive Platform SIPT Error

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends players have been facing a new error upon logging in which says failed to receive Platform SIPT.
You can follow the possible solutions mentioned here to resolve the error.

League of Legends players sometimes have trouble logging into their game clients. Several users have reported the “unable to connect to an authentication service” error and the “ League of Legends Failed to receive Platform SIPT” error. This usually occurs due to a defective internet connection, a disrupted firewall, or something else altogether. The “failed to receive platform SIPT” error can also pop up during the champion select phase or midway through a game.

According to a thread on Reddit, many players on the North American (NA) servers of League of Legends were facing client-related issues. One such error message that popped up was “Failed to receive Platform SIPT. Check the server status here.” North American players also complained about queues canceling by themselves, matches not getting accepted even after accepting them, and also loss prevention notices for games where there were no dodges.

One Reddit user pointed out that they had the same issue a couple of months ago and it lasted for two weeks. They added that they were unable to log in to the client or get into matches and that they were asked by Riot Games support to try a Virtual Private Network (VPN), following which the client worked. “After the next patch it fixed itself and I didn't need a VPN anymore.

This error usually arises when the internet service provider (ISP) limits downloads and users are unable to login and update the game, resulting in a "League of Legends failed to receive Platform SIPT” error message.

League of Legends failed to receive Platform SIPT

Steps to resolve League of Legends Failed to receive Platform SIPT

1. Check for service outages on Riot Games website

Players can check the League of Legends service status on the official website. Users need to select the server and the language of their choice and they will be redirected to a page where a list of ongoing and closed errors is displayed.

2. Restart router and modem

You should restart your modem and router especially if they haven’t been switched off in a long time. Giving them time to cool off and restarting them will help clear up the cache.

3. Allow League of Legends application through Windows Defender Firewall

Add League of Legends or the Game Launcher to Windows Firewall if it is not already whitelisted. Go to System and Security in the Control Panel and click on Windows Defender Firewall settings. Make sure that the private and public tick boxes are checked for the League of Legends launcher and save the changes. Before launching League of Legends, make sure that the Windows Defender Firewall is turned on and log in and check for improvements.

4. Change DNS server settings on Windows 10

Follow these steps to change DNS server settings on Windows 10:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel and click on Network and Internet and then go to Network and Sharing Center and then Change Adapter Settings.

  • Select the connection for which you want to configure Google Public DNS. If you are using an Ethernet connection, right-click the Ethernet interface and select Properties.

  • In the Properties window, double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

  • Select Use the following DNS server address.

  • In the preferred DNS server field type and in the alternate DNS server field enter


  • Check the Validate settings upon exit box and save changes.

Players can also try using a VPN since users on Reddit have suggested that it fixed the failed to receive Platform SIPT error in some cases.

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