How to Deal With Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to deal with Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov.</p></div>
Here is how to deal with Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov.


Tagilla is one of the highest health pool scav bosses in Tarkov.
According to Tarkov lore, he is the younger brother of another scav boss Killa.
Here is how to deal with Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov.

Tagilla is a scav boss in Escape From Tarkov that spawns in the Factory map during the day and night. Tagilla is an armed boss with a large health pool. He wields his signature Dead Blow Hammer along with a number of other weapons and grenades. He also comes decked out with a level 5 Helmet and class 4 or 6 chest armor. According to Tarkov lore, Tagilla is the younger brother of fellow scav boss Killa.

Where does Tagilla spawn in Escape From Tarkov

Tagilla only has one spawn location, the Factory. Due to the small size of the map, he will spawn in most major areas of the map including the expansion, underground and by the blue containers. He has an equal 24% chance of spawning during the day and night.

Here are the areas where Tagilla spawns in Escape From Tarkov.

He spawns with the following stats:

  • Head: 100

  • Thorax: 320

  • Stomach: 260

  • Arms: 130 each

  • Legs: 140 each

    Total: 1220

He is present from the start of a raid, so be prepared to face him if you venture into his path. Tagilla can run the following weapons:

Kalashnikov AKS-74UN 5.45x39 assault rifle
Saiga 12ga ver.10 12/76 semi-automatic shotgun
MP-155 12ga semi-automatic shotgun
RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun
Superfors DB 2020 Dead Blow Hammer
F-1 hand grenade

How to deal with Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov

Tagilla is very difficult to deal with both at short and medium ranges. He will try to close the gap between him and you and plow down with his hammer once he gets close enough. If he cannot find a direct path towards you he will come as close as possible and use his secondary weapon, usually a shotgun, to take you out.  

You can use a number of different weapons to deal with Tagilla. The budget loadout you can run involves an MP-153 or a UMP 45.

The budget option is preferred by most players when dealing with Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov.

Run the 8-shell attachment on the MP-153 so you can fire more shots. Also run the 12/70 flechette on the gun if you have it unlocked. If you run a UMP you don't really need any attachments. If you're running a UMP you need to aim for his stomach or legs since his armor and helmet cannot be penetrated with this option.

You can also run the BP or the M61 which are both high penetration ammo. Use your weapon of choice which can run these ammo types. With these you can take him out with 2-3 headshots.

The high penetration ammo option will take him out quicker.

If you are using high penetration ammunition, aim for his head and simply unload your clip till he drops. If you’re running a UMP, aim for the stomach or legs since the armor only covers his thorax. Try to get into a range where he will swing his hammer at you but just enough so that you can dodge it. Once he’s recovering from the swing, shoot as many shots as you can aimed at his stomach and legs. If you’re working in teams, you can have one player sneak up behind him and shoot his nape, which is not protected by his welding mask, while the other fights him. 

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