Here is how to deal with Shulkers in Minecraft.


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How to Deal With Shulkers in Minecraft

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Shulkers are block-shaped hostile mobs.
Here is how to deal with Shulkers in Minecraft.

A shulker is a block shaped hostile mob found in End Cities. You’ll also encounter them on the End Ship as you make your way up to collect an Elytra. They are creatures with yellow heads and two eyes hiding inside purpur-like blocks. They will open their shells to peer out and shoot bullets at you if you get too close. Shulkers are the only source of Shulker shells in game, which can be used to make shulker boxes. Here is how to deal with Shulkers in Minecraft.

Where do Shulkers spawn in Minecraft

Shulkers spawn in end cities which are located on the outer islands of the End. They also spawn on End Ships and do not despawn naturally. They generally remain stationary, attached to an adjacent block. However, if the block the shulker is blocked by, something other than air, it cannot fully open its block. However if it gets blocked, it will teleport within a 17x17x17 radius to a suitable block.  

How to deal with Shulkers in Minecraft

Dealing with Shulkers in Minecraft involves striking them when they reveal themselves from their protective purpur-type shell.

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Shulkers have a relatively small health pool of 15 hearts but can be hard to take on in larger numbers. They don't take burn damage from fire or even lava. They will drown in water, but will try to teleport away when water or lava flows onto their block. However, unlike Endermen they will not take damage if they touch water. 

Whenever you see a shulker, wait for it to open and then hit it repeatedly with a sword or use the bow and arrows to damage it from a distance. Poison tipped or harming arrows work best for maximum damage. You will need to deflect or destroy Shulker bullets. Using fireworks is a great weapon against them. If you do get hit by a bullet, you’ll take two hearts worth of damage and get affected with the Levitation. You should keep some milk handy to deal with this effect, or even an elytra. You can also use a boat or minecart to stop yourself from levitating. This will also provide a barrier between you and the bullets. 

When you kill a shulker, it will drop 0-1 shulker shells in Bedrock edition and has a 50% chance of dropping a shell in the Java edition of Minecraft. 

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