How to Buy Vandal Skin in Valorant

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How To Buy Vandal Skin In Valorant


Vandal is one of the most used rifles in Valorant and players are always on the lookout for a skin to equip on this weapon.
Vandal skins can be purchased directly from the game through VP points or players can grind for it via third-party softwares.
Vandal skins do not affect the overall gameplay and only add visual and auditory aesthetics to the weapon.

Valorant like any other free-to-play competitive online game operates via microtransactions, offering players virtual cosmetic items that are purchasable. These do not affect the gameplay side of things and only add an aesthetic appeal by modifying certain visual and auditory aspects.

Talking about Vandal, it is one of the two available rifles in the game alongside Phantom. This weapon is known for its high-damage output and for its crisp accuracy while burst firing, but make sure that the trigger is not held for too long otherwise the bullets will start going haywire.

If you are a fan of this weapon and want to enhance its appearance, buying a Vandal skin is the way to go. In this article, we will guide you on how to get any Vandal skin in Valorant.

How to buy a Vandal skin in Valorant: Complete guide

Riot Games has released a lot of cosmetic items for Valorant and this includes loads of Vandal skins also. There might be some confusion when it comes to selecting which one is your favorite, but how does a player even manage to get them?

Well there are different ways to get a Vandal skin, some are straight forward while others might require players to install certain third-party programs, so let's get down to it.

Buying a Vandal skin

The first way is the simplest one. If you have some extra cash and are a regular Valorant player then it makes sense to go ahead and just buy a Vandal skin from the market.

There is catch though, cosmetic items on the Valorant market are constantly changing so if you have eyes on a particular Vandal skin then it has to be a patient wait. If you are lucky, it will pop up sooner otherwise it might not appear at all.

The Nightmarket is another place where random skins are offered to a player at heavily discounted prices. This is the best time to purchase if you are thinking of buying a Vandal skin, hopefully the one being offered is to your liking.

Night Market in Valorant

Here is how you can go about buying a Vandal skin in Valorant,

  1. Launch Valorant.

  2. Go to the Valorant store or Nightmarket.

  3. Browse through all available Vandal skins.

  4. Check if you have enough VP (Valorant Points) to buy it.

  5. If not, then purchase the required VP by making a UPI payment.

  6. Check if the VP amount has been added to your virtual wallet.

  7. Purchase the Vandal skin.

  8. Equip the Vandal skin.

Valorant Point price in India

A few important things to note about the price of Vandal skins are as follows,

  1. An individual Vandal skin can cost anywhere between 900 VP to 2500 VP per item.

  2. Purchasing a Vandal skin as part of a bundle can cost around 3500 VP to 10,000 VP or more.

  3. Some special Vandal skins will only be available for a short period and will reappear once in a blue moon.

  4. A few expensive Vandal skins come with additional upgrades like different colour variants and visual animations that can be unlocked by spending Radianite Points.

Reaver Vandal Skin with Upgrades

Grinding through third-party software

If you do not want to spend your own money or do not have enough of it to invest towards a Vandal skin, there are third-party softwares through which certain cosmetic items can be bought after a hard grind.

Buff is one such website that can be run in the background while playing Valorant and it awards you with a virtual currency limited to the platform. This can be used to purchase VP points that get deposited into your linked account and help you in buying a Vandal skin.

So, if you're looking to get a Vandal skin for free, such third-party websites are a great option to consider.

With this guide, you will be able to enhance the appearance of your Vandal and stand out in the game. You can either purchase the skin that you like directly from the store or grind hard by using additional softwares, the choice is yours!

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