Cheapest Vandal Skin in Valorant


What Is the Cheapest Vandal Skin in Valorant

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You can get some of the cheapest Vandal skins in Valorant for just 875 VP each.
But nothing beats free battle pass skins that you can get just by playing the game.
If you are looking for more premium offerings, there are Vandal skins that can cost over 2,000 VP each.

Vandal is one of the most popular weapons in Valorant but not everyone has the luxury of buying expensive skins for it. Cosmetics are by no means necessary to enjoy the game and if you are on a budget and don’t have too many Valorant Points (VP) to spend, there are a few nice skins you can get without breaking the bank. The cheapest Vandal skins in Valorant cost under 900 Valorant Points and while it’s no Prime Vandal, they get the job done. Here is a look at the three cheapest Vandal skins that you can get in Valorant for just 875 VP each.

Cheapest Vandal Skins in Valorant

There is no single cheapest skin in Valorant but there are three skins that fall in the “Select” tier of skins. All Select skins cost just 875 VP each while the melee skins in the category cost 1,750 VP each. 

If you want to purchase skins for cheap, the Select skins are your best bet but many battle pass (BP) skins can give them a run for your money. A battle pass might be more value as you get a bunch of skins as well as other cosmetics and Radianite. But if you are set on purchasing a Vandal skin with VP, here are your three cheapest options. 

Endeavor Vandal - 875 VP

Endeavor Vandal

Prism II Vandal - 875 VP

Prism II Vandal

Luxe Vandal - 875 VP

Luxe Vandal

If we had to choose one of the three cheapest Vandal skins in Valorant, the Prism II would be our go-to option. If you want to look at more expensive skins you can go for Deluxe skins that cost 1,275 VP, Premium skins that cost 1,775 VP, and other rarity skins can go as high as 2,675 VP. 

Battle passes cost 1,000 VP if you get the premium tier while the free tier also has a few skins that can be yours as long as you level your battle pass and obtain the rewards. There have been a few battle passes with Vandal skins so you might want to keep an eye out for new skins whenever a new battle pass comes out.

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