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How to Get Prime Vandal Skin in Valorant: Methods, Price, Variants

One of the most elegant weapon skins in the game

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The Prime Vandal was released two years ago in June 2020 as part of the Prime Collection.
It was an instant hit across the Valorant community and still continues to be one of the most sought-after weapon skins for Vandal.
Here is the complete information for the Prime Vandal skin and how you can get one.

The Vandal is one of the two main weapons used in Valorant alongside the Phantom. It is a solid rifle, especially in long-range combat, making it a favorite for players who love to click heads.

As rifles are the most common weapon in the game players usually like to equip them with a skin. When it comes to the Vandal, one of the most sought-after cosmetics is the elegant Prime Vandal Skin, released as part of the Prime Collection by Riot Games more than two years ago in June 2020.

The Prime Vandal was an instant hit across the Valorant community and still continues to be a favorite for many who seek to purchase the skin, but is it even available anymore? Well, here is everything you need to know about this particular weapon skin, including how you can go about getting yourself a Prime Vandal.

This is how you can get a Prime Vandal Skin in Valorant

One of the most beautiful Vandal skins in the game, this particular cosmetic gives a very clean and royal look to the weapon. The neon-colored glow perfectly blends with the white and gold theme of the gun, making it one of the most aesthetic pieces of weaponry in Valorant.

Prime Vandal Skin

The Prime Vandal was released as part of the Prime Collection in June 2020 consisting of five weapon skins, a gunbuddy, a kill banner, three player cards, and a spray.

  • Prime Classic

  • Prime Spectre

  • Prime Guardian

  • Prime Vandal

  • Prime Melee (Axe)

  • Prime Buddy

  • Prime Cards

  • Prime Brick Spray

  • Prime Kill Audio

At that point in time, the price of the bundle was 7100 VP (Valorant Points), which equates to a price of about INR 5,550 (7200 VP), while the price of the individual Prime Vandal Skin was 1775 VP about INR 1,598 (2000 VP).

The Prime Collection was around for just 10 days after its release, during which players had the liberty to buy the whole bundle or any of the individual skins, attaining them forever.

As is the case with every skin collection that is released by Riot Games, once it expires the whole bundle disappears and is very rarely introduced back to the public. However, players still stand a chance to purchase the individual skins as and when they appear in the Valorant Store or the notorious Night Market.

So all former and new players still stand a chance to get the distinguished Prime Vandal Skin, but rather than buying it from a particular place they will have to wait and hope for it to turn up in their daily store rotation before making the purchase.

If they are really lucky, the Prime Vandal might also turn up in the Valorant Night Market which would be the most ideal way to make the purchase as the item will be at heavy discount.

Prime Vandal Skin in Valorant Night Market

After purchasing the Prime Vandal, players can spend the secondary game currency called Radianite Points (RP) to further upgrade and enhance their weapon skin by unlocking VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants.

  • Level 1 - Base

  • Level 2 - VFX | 10 RP

  • Level 3 - Animation | 10 RP

  • Level 4 - Finisher | 10 RP

  • Level 5 - Variant 1 (Orange) | 15 RP

  • Level 6 - Variant 2 (Blue) | 15 RP

  • Level 7 - Variant 3 (Yellow) | 15 RP

Prime Vandal Finisher

Hope this clears all your doubts regarding the Prime Vandal Skin and how you can go about getting one for yourself. Despite this cosmetic item being quite old now, it is still in a class of its own, giving a majestic feel that no other Vandal skin is able to provide.

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