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How Old Is Clove in Valorant?

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Clove is the first non-binary Agent to arrive in Valorant and hails from Scotland.
Here's everything we know about this newest Valorant agent who is a Controller.

The latest Valorant Agent to arrive in the game is Clove and they were revealed to the community on the grand finals of Valorant Masters Madrid 2024. A few days later, they arrived in the game as the brand new Controller.

From the moment Clove was revealed, their appearance and mannerisms have been the center of discussions in the community. Riot Games also confirmed Clove to be non-binary, making them the first non-binary agent in Valorant.

Here's everything we know about this newest Agent including details about their potential age.

Valorant Clove's Age

Fans and players should note that Riot Games does not explicitly state the age of its Valorant agents. Most of it is just guess work based on the game's lore and the Agents' stories that are available to us. However, unfortunately, we do not know how old Clove is in Valorant. But we are confident that we will be able to guess it as their lore develops within the game. We will make sure to update the article when we know what their age is.

We do, however, have some interesting statistics that you might be interested in:

  • Youngest Agent: Neon

  • Oldest Agent: Brimstone

  • Shortest Agent: Neon

  • Tallest Agent: Breach

Clove's Pronouns in Valorant

Riot Games introduced Clove as a "Scottish troublemaker" who makes mischief for enemies in both the heat of combat and the cold of death. It added, "The young immortal keeps foes guessing, even from beyond the grave, their return to the living only ever a moment away."

John Goscicki, agents lead, said, "When creating an Agent, we strive to authentically represent a cast of diverse characters that reflect our global player base. This extends beyond just location and culture - Clove’s gender identity, along with their personality and unique gameplay style, is an equally important facet that has helped shape who they are as a VALORANT Agent."

Riot Games also confirmed that Clove is non-binary and throughout all releases and Agent updates, the publisher uses the pronouns of they/them to address Clove.

Clove's Lore in Valorant & Their Origin

Riot Games decided that Clove would hail from Scotland—Edinburgh, to be exact. Narrative writer Ryan “Pwam” Clements said, "Edinburgh is a remarkable collision of old and new. Generations-long traditions are being examined and explored by a bold group of young people that we admire.

Clove’s Scottish roots and the history of their homeland informed their innate talent for storytelling and this is evident in the character's dialogues within the game as well as in the way they interact with fellow Agents.

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