Valorant Clove Agent Gear: All Rewards, KC Required, And How To Complete


Valorant Clove Agent Gear: All Rewards, KC Required, and How to Complete

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Clove is all set to arrive in Valorant on 26th March 2024, bringing a new Agent Gear for players to unlock.
Players will be required to spend Kingdom Credits in order to unlock and claim various rewards that the Agent Gear has to offer.
In total, players will have to spend 43,000 KC to complete Clove's Agent Gear.

The latest addditon in Valorant is a non-binary Agent called Clove, scheduled to release on 26th March 2024, Tuesday. The update brings along a new Agent Gear which will grant players several rewards as they get ready to put in the grind.

Clove is an aggressive Controller that does not shy away from taking the fight to the opposition while also having the flexibility to help teammates from beyond the grave.

As usual, Clove's Agent Gear will consist of 10 levels in total, granting various cosmetics including sprays, player cards, weapon skin, and much more.

Clove Agent Gear in Valorant: Complete Details

Clove is the 25th Agent to release in Valorant and the sixth Controller overall who hails from Scotland and is a bundle of mischief in both the heat of battle and the cold of death, catching enemies by surprise, while having a strange obsession with butterflies.

Here is everything you need to know about Clove's Agent Gear including information about how to complete it.

Clove Agent Gear: All Rewards and Kingdom Credits Required

The overall Agent Gear for Clove has a total of 10 levels divided between two chapters, each granting a unique reward to the players. Here are all the rewards and the Kingdom Credits (KC) required to unlock each.

Chapter 1

  • Tier 1 - Gloomheart Spray | 2000 KC

  • Tier 2 - Valorant Clove Card | 2500 KC

  • Tier 3 - Mischievous Title | 3000 KC

  • Tier 4 - Wee Punk Spray | 3500 KC

  • Tier 5 - Special Rewards | 2000 KC

Valorant Clove Agent Gear: Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • Tier 6 - Metal Wings Buddy | 4500 KC

  • Tier 7 - Clove Spray | 5500 KC

  • Tier 8 - Undying Title | 6500 KC

  • Tier 9 - Metamorphosis Card | 7500 KC

  • Tier 10 - Flutter Ghost | 8000 KC

Valorant Clove Agent Gear: Chapter 2

How to Get All Items in Clove Agent Gear?

This means players will be required to spend 43,000 Kingdom Credits in total to unlock and claim all rewards that are a part of Clove's Agent Gear.

Players can achieve this by completing daily and weekly challenges, otherwise it can become quite a burden to collect these many Kingdom Credits in Valorant, as this in-game currency cannot be bought or purchased and needs to be earned by simply playing the game.

Clove enters Valorant with a unique arsenal of abilities, especially the ultimate which allows this character to enter an ethereal state after dying to come back into the match.

The assortment of abilities allows Clove to be an aggressive Controller, allowing players to use this character similar to how they play with Omen.

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