The archeology update in Minecraft will add a new tool, a block, and new interactions.


Everything About the Archeology Update in Minecraft

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The archeology update in Minecraft will add a new tool, a block, and new interactions.
Here is all we know about the upcoming archeology update in Patch 1.20.

Mojang Studios announced that an Archeology update is finally coming to Minecraft. In a blog post on Minecraft’s official website, the developer shared details about the different interactions and a new tool coming with the Archeology update. The Archeology update was first teased in 2020 as part of the Caves and Cliffs update, but after the slowing down of production due to lockdowns, Mojang pushed a number of its updates to a later date. Archeology was one such pushed feature which is now getting some love from the studio. Here is all we know about the upcoming Archeology update in Minecraft. 

Archeology update will add a new tool and storytelling elements

Archeology is a new system that will let players dig up relics on excavation sites located around the world and use a new tool to get loot. The Brush tool will let players carefully uncover minerals and artifacts from blocks such as gravel. Players can look for a new block called Suspicious Sand while digging and use the Brush tool on it.

Players will be able to use a brush to uncover pottery shards.

Carefully brushing the block of suspicious sand will allow you to extract what is hidden in it. You’re likely to find pottery shards or other random objects. 

These can be used for storytelling.

Players will notice partial patterns on unearthed pottery shards. You can collect all four shards and put them together for a pot. Minecraft's archeology update is notable for its storytelling potential in finding artifacts depicting various scenes. These pots can also serve as decorative accents in your buildings. In an initial iteration of the update, players would have been able to put the fragments onto clay pots and make proper display pieces out of these. However, this idea was dropped. It is unclear if the pottery shards will have any other interactions or storytelling purpose. We’ll have to wait for the update to drop.

The upcoming 1.20 update is set to introduce a new Cherry Blossom biome and a new type of wood to the game. The update will also feature a new bamboo block, camels, and the winner of the annual mob vote, the Sniffer.

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