Old firesteel, also just referred to as firesteel, is an item in Escape from Tarkov and is basically a tool.


Escape From Tarkov Old Firesteel: What Is It? Where to Find It?

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Old firesteel, also just referred to as firesteel, is an item in Escape from Tarkov and is basically a tool.
Here's everything you need to know about this streamer item required for the Collector quest.

Old firesteel, also just referred to as firesteel, is an item in Escape from Tarkov and is basically a tool. It is a generic loot item that is scattered across different locations in the game. Only three of the Old Firesteel can be held in your PMC inventory at a time. Note that this tool is absolutely imperative for completing the Collector quest. If you have finished most of the quests in the game, you are probably working toward completing the Collector quest to get your hands on the Kappa Secure Container. The Collector quest requires players to find all streamer-related items with ‘found in raid’ status. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Old Firesteel item in Escape from Tarkov and the locations where you can find it.

What is the Old Firesteel item in Tarkov?

Firstly, to get to the Collector quest, you will need to have completed most of the Tarkov quests with only a few exceptions and must also reach a high PMC character level. When you actually start the quest, you need to find every single streamer item to get your hands on the biggest safety container in the game: The Kappa container. The Old Firesteel is one such streamer item in the game.

The description reads, “A strange thing classified as a firesteel is an ancient device for making fire. Another antique item.” The Old Firesteel also has the engraving “dayzru 1703,” a reference to content creator and Twitch streamer dayzru.

Some of the stats of the Old Firesteel are:

  • Type: Tool

  • Weight: 0.5 kg

  • Grid size: 1x1

  • Loot experience: 10

Where to find the Old Firesteel?

You can find the Old Firesteel in the following: 

  • Sport bag

  • Toolbox

  • Dead Scav

  • Ground cache

  • Buried barrel cache

  • Technical supply crate

Talking about specific map locations in Escape from Tarkov where you can find the firesteel item, you can refer to the below-mentioned places:


  • In Marked room (You need a Dorm room 314 marked key to open this location)

  • In the Gas station manager's office (You need Gas station office key to open the office)

  • In the Storage building on the shelves


  • Marked circle

  • On the blue shelves inside the main/grey warehouse in Sawmill

  • On the stack of green crates in Old Sawmill two story barn's first floor

  • On the tool chest behind the UN Tigr truck inside the Emercom Camp


  • In locked West wing room 301 (You need the Health Resort west wing room 301 key)

  • On the shelves inside the shop closest to swamps in the village next to tunnel extraction

  • On the desk next to the safe in the weather station

  • On the mattress or shelf inside the Chairman's house, on the west side of the swamp

  • On the shelves near the hole in Admin, 2nd floor


  • On the shelves lining the shipment loading areas of all three anchor stores

  • Possible spawn on the oil barrels at the Hole in Fence extraction

The Lab

Caged robot arms area between the server room and the weapons testing area.


In locked rooms RB-AM and RB-GN (You need the keys to both rooms).

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