Escape From Tarkov Hall Of Fame: What Is It?

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Escape From Tarkov Hall Of Fame
Battlestate Games released the 0.14 update for Escape from Tarkov on 27th December.
A new Hideout zone called 'Hall of Fame' was added to the game as part of the new wipe.
Here's all we know about the Hall of Fame in Tarkov Hideout.

Battlestate Games released the 0.14 update for Escape from Tarkov on 27th December. This patch brought forth the much-awaited Ground Zero map, new boss Kollontay, and even weather changes to Tarkov. All player gear and progress in the game reset, prompting players to start afresh. Now, players can now unlock a Hall of Fame in their Hideout.

This new Hideout zone was added to the game as part of the new wipe and it will serve as a place where players can display mementos. Here's all we know about the Hall of Fame in Tarkov Hideout.

Hall of Fame in Escape from Tarkov: A New Hideout Zone

The Hideout in Escape from Tarkov is basically your personal base. This area lets you build different facilities and amenities that will give you unique features and bonuses for your character. Players will have to make the best use of their Hideout for the overall progression in Escape from Tarkov. 

When you launch the game, you will notice a menu called “Hideout” next to the main menu and by clicking on it, you will be navigated to the dark base. The Hideout has different sections or modules that you can later construct. Although the Hideout feature is completely independent of Escape from Tarkov’s main gameplay, avoiding this will cost you several bonuses in-game. 

Hall of Fame: Where Is It Located in Your Tarkov Hideout?

On the 0.14 update blog, Battlestate Games revealed the new Hideout zone called "Hall of Fame." It wrote, "You can add items to your favorites. Such items will be displayed in your profile."

After the patch released, a curious Tarkov player took to Reddit to ask the community about the Hall of Fame. They pointed out that there is no reference to the Hall of Fame in the game that they could find. They added, "Later on in the patch notes, there was some mention of a fix to the 'door to the other part of the hideout', which I'm assuming is what shows up when you build the HoF. Only issue is, I don't know how to make that unlock available. Might be missing something tho- it's 3 am."

According to another player, the Hall of Fame is the other half of the gym room and that's why players cannot see it until the wall is knocked down. A commented seemingly confirmed this and said, "It is. I have it unlocked as of yesterday. Upgrading to level two. I'm getting physical bonuses though, no combat. I wonder if bear gets physical and usec gets combat?"

Players should keep in mind that they will get a Combat Skill EXP boost when putting Dog Tags into the Hall of Fame. The higher level dog tag, the more XP one gets.

Battlestate Games said, "For displaying the dog tags of players of the opposite faction killed by your PMC, you get a bonus to combat skills leveling; The higher the level of the eliminated player, the greater the skill bonus."

Level 1 Hall of Fame: Requirements & Construction Time Explained

The following are the items that you need to construct a Level 1 Hall of Fame in your Escape from Tarkov Hideout:

  • 2 Insulating tape

  • 5 Pack of nails

  • 5 Light bulb

  • 1 Cat figurine

  • 5 Fleece fabric

  • 1 Round pliers

  • Mechanic LL2

Keep in mind that it will take 12 hours for it to get constructed.

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